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Bottom Stops

Description: Bottom stops are the metal components found toward the bottom end of the zipper that closes off the zipper.They are also known as "bottom stoppers." Note: Bottom stops are used as top stops on nylon coil chain. Available finishes: Gold/Brass, Silver/Nickel Available gauges: #3, #5, #10

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#10 Brass Zipper Chain By The Yard (Continuous) Zipper

We will cut it off the spool for you, or you can order a full spool of 100 yards. Please enter the number of continuous yards desired in the quantity field. For example, entering a quantity of 10 will result in an order of one piece of zipper chain that is 10 yards long. We offer generous cuts!

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Jacket Zippers Zipper Shipper

A separating zipper detaches at the bottom, allowing you to put the jacket on and take it off. Another consideration is the material of the zipper teeth. Some popular types of zipper teeth for jacket zippers include metals like antique brass and brass (often seen on leather jackets) and nylon coil.

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Extra-Long Zippers (72 Inch And Over) Zipper Shipper

Extra-long zippers can be used for a variety of projects, including tents, sleeping bags, and upholstery. Also, if you are needing zippers for boats, chances are the zippers you are looking for need to be at least 72 inches (or 6 feet long). The zippers found here range from 6 feet long to 30 feet long and are designed for larger-scale

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