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Discount Promotional Ideas for a Retail Clothing Store

Consider offering a tiered percentage discount on ensemble purchases. For example, 30 percent off jackets, 40 percent off slacks purchased with a jacket, 50 percent off …

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Examples of Price Promotion Methods Your Business

Point-of-Sale Discounts. An amount-off or percent-off point-of-sale discount is the simple type of price promotion method. With this approach, once a discount price is …

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Accounting Procedures for Product Rebates Your Business

The basic accounting rule is to recognize rebates as a reduction of sales revenue. To illustrate, suppose the Model R personal computer has a list price of $2,000. Company X manufactures …

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Customer Giveaway Ideas for a Company's Anniversary

Several of the coupons should be for significant discounts, perhaps up to 75 percent off. Share the Wealth. Celebrate the anniversary with a charity drive. Customers donate an item of …

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What Is Off-Invoice Deduction

Discount Off Original Price. With an off-invoice deduction, the manufacturer or distributor decreases a product's cost per the promotion's term. Typically, this involves a decrease for a …

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What Are the Benefits of a Sales Promotion

What Are the Benefits of a Sales Promotion?. Sales promotions are a form of marketing used to induce business immediately. Coupons, percentage-off deals, rebates, …

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GAAP Accounting Rules for Sales Tax on Discounts

Trade discounts are most often ignored for accounting purposes in that they are absent from accounting records altogether. Instead, the discount price is recorded as the net sale. Sales …

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Trade-Offs, Advantages & Disadvantages of Your Own …

The greatest advantage of running your own business is being able to set your own hours, within reason. If there is no work to do, you can take time off. Your ideas drive your business, so you …

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Examples of Home Business Write-Offs for Income Taxes

Figure this percentage based on how much space you use for your home business. If, for example, you use 15 percent of your square footage for your office, you can write off 15 …

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What Is the Difference Between Sales Discount & Sales Commission

The timing is also a point of difference between a discount and a commission. A discount is offered prior to a sale and granted at the point of purchase. A sales commission is also offered …

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What Is a Promotional Allowance

What Is a Promotional Allowance? Promotional allowances are reductions in the price of products that suppliers offer trade partners to carry out additional promotional activity in support of …

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List of Marketing Expenses Your Business

You should count all gifts to clients as marketing expenses, including promotional coupons. Though you can only write off up to $25 per gift, track the full expense for all gifts to clients as …

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Pull Through Offer of a Marketing Plan Your Business

Mailing coupons directly to customers or placing them in newspaper inserts for efficient distribution are a few ways to present pull promotional offers. Other Pull Tactics. …

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What Is a Good ROI for a Direct Mail Coupon

According to the Direct Marketing Association, financial services get the best open responses with about 30 percent of envelopes opened by mail recipients, the best open rate of any industry. …

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Tax Deductions for Officers of a Nonprofit Organization

Employees. Employees can deduct certain unreimbursed expenses incurred during the performance of work for any employer, including a nonprofit organization. For instance, …

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Ways to Motivate Your Call Center Associates to Work Overtime

Paid Time Off. If you need agents to work overtime in a given month, reward those agents with paid-time-off coupons to be used in a month where no overtime is required or anticipated. …

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What Does Paid Vacation Cost the Company

Compensation Expense. According to a U.S. Bureau of Statistics report in March 2013, vacation leave cost private industry employers $1.04 per hour worked. Management and professional …

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Accounting for Reserves vs. Charge-offs Your Business

A charge-off is a banking term that is used to describe an account that has become 180 days past due. Essentially, this occurs when a bank or credit card company has …

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