Benefits and Rewards Deloitte UI

Paid time off and holidays. Deloitte’s PTO program gives its professionals an allotment of days that encompass vacation and paid time off. It gives our professionals the flexibility—and the responsibility—to manage their time off in a way that makes sense for them and the organization.

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The Future of Retail Pharmacies: From Filling Scripts to

Retail pharmacies are being challenged by closed-door pharmacies (i.e., mail order and digital pharmacies) that offer fast contactless delivery (direct to a patient’s home), around-the-clock pharmacist support by phone and text, user-friendly mobile apps, and platforms that provide real-time pricing information and access to coupons.

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Goods and Services Tax

Recharge Coupons •SIM cards/ recharge coupons taxable in the hands of telecom service provider •Distributors and selling agents exempt •Point of taxation likely to trigger at every point of supply •Exemptions to be pruned Place of supply •Default rule –location of service recipient •Fixed lines/ antennae –location of installation

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Data assets and analytics Deloitte Insights

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The Internet of Things in the retail industry Deloitte

One newly important trade-off in retail, then, centers on the ability to offer increased choice on the one hand, and customized or tailored offerings on the other (figure 6). Yet even as retailers look to differentiate themselves along those lines, the Internet of Things looks poised to break that constraint as well.

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Summer travel plans survey Deloitte Insights

For some, this means travel is off the table this summer—financial considerations were cited by 30% of Americans not planning a summer leisure trip. But budget pressure came in second to health threats: 41% of nontravelers are staying home out of concern for the health of themselves and others, and 32% say they will wait until the pandemic is

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Building capability to unleash business performance

As unexpected events proliferate and the pace of change quickens, companies are under more pressure than ever: performance pressure to deliver not just consistent financial returns to investors but noteworthy and increasing returns, pressure from customers for products and services that don’t just meet needs but deliver more and different value, and pressure from talent, for material well

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IoT Strategy: Value Creation, Value Capture Deloitte

Some changes enabled by the Internet of Things will be incremental, while others will be transformative. Yet the need to capture value remains as acute as ever. The established principles of strategic differentiation, process flow, and network economics will go a long way toward revealing a path to long-term success.

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The Internet of Things in the financial services industry

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IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

iv. IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers — Your Questions Answered. 4. Identifying Performance Obligations. 13 . How should an entity determine whether a promise is a …

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Selling to the smartphone-enabled shopper Deloitte Insights

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Making the most of your marketing DNA Deloitte Insights

Most marketing organizations execute the same basic activities. But not all great marketing organizations make identical choices. Both the great brand-builder and the great product innovators can be great marketers, but the underlying capabilities and choices that allow each to succeed are different and not necessarily interchangeable. Knowing this can influence how a company invests …

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Consumer packaged goods companies: Are you ready for

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Implementing Revenue Recognition Standard ASC 606

Demystifying the new revenue recognition ASC 606 standard. Two key questions for recognizing revenue The new model’s core principle for revenue recognition is to “depict the transfer of promised goods or services to customers in an amount that reflects the consideration to which the entity expects to be entitled in exchange for those goods or services.”

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Beyond the growth story Mitigating fraud risks in the e

experience to off-platform shopping experience) to determine the customer experience as well as flag the potential fraud risk areas (e.g. counterfeit products), including discreet enquiries to track down the counterfeit goods manufacturers to cut off the product source • Workshops with key stakeholders to understand key concerns and root

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reviews, QR codes, and coupons.¹³ And while many CP companies are increasing digital spending and/or investing in one-off “test and learn” digital initiatives (linked to a campaign or brand), few organizations are building the insights and capabilities required to transform their marketing operations and realize the full

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2019 Back-to-College Market Study

Collect discounts, coupons, sale information Make a purchase Browse products Read reviews/recommendations Receive a coupon Find information on promotions/view ads Digital connection % of total shoppers Top uses# 55% 52% 60% 58% 62% 53% 53% 42% 71% 61% 59% 43% Technology usage for back-to-college shopping Grey Text: Responses from 2018

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Let’s get digital: Defining times for the CP industry

even digital coupons. And the back end is anything that helps the company run its business: digital supply chain, digital human the CFO is off doing something else—and ultimately, everyone is moving in different directions and is literally fracturing the organization, which in many ways is the

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Six keys to measuring health care disruption Deloitte

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The Internet of Things: Security in the connected age

Smart, connected objects offer tremendous opportunities for value creation and capture, but can also create tremendous risk, demanding new strategies for value protection. A single vulnerable device can leave an entire ecosystem open to attack, with potential disruptions ranging from individual privacy breaches to massive breakdowns of public systems.

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The consumer is changing Deloitte Insights

The bottom 40 percent of earners had less discretionary income in 2017 than they did 10 years ago, and the next 40 percent saw only a minor increase. Only 20 percent of consumers were meaningfully better off in 2017 than they were in 2007, with precious little income left to spend on discretionary retail.

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Deloitte’s 2013 Annual Holiday Survey Naughty or nice

Coupons/promotions will play an important role in influencing holiday spending, more so among higher income households What percentage of your total holiday spending will be influenced by any coupons and promotional offers? 73% will be influenced by coupons/promotional offers Income <$100K $100K+ 71% …

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Creating a better in-stadium fan experience Deloitte

When done right, the mobile app can offer reasons for fans to continue using it even in the off-season—to stay engaged with the team and players, manage their fantasy leagues, engage with other sports and events sponsored by the team brand, connect with fans, and to find rewards and incentives for year-round experiences at the stadium complex.

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Why CMOs should care about

marketing to “push” coupons, recipes, and suggestions for related products to consumers. There can be potential negative consequences to consumers if information about where and when they shop falls into the wrong hands, particularly if the consumer is part of a vulnerable target segment, such as children, young adults, and senior citizens.

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Aviation Finance: 2021 and beyond Deloitte Ireland

Bond investors have sought investment into aircraft leasing companies with seven bond issuance in January 2021 alone. The total combined bond issuance of USD 6.3 billion for ACG, AerCap, Bank of China, Avolon, Aircastle, Air Lease and DAE have an average of five year terms with varying coupons between as low as 0.72% (Air Lease 3 years) and 3

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Accounting and Financial Reporting Update Interpretive

4 eoitte Life Sciences: Accounting and Financial Reporting Update As a result of the guidance in ASU 2014-09, as amended, entities will need to comprehensively reassess their current revenue accounting policies and determine whether changes are necessary.

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Fraud Risks in the consumer products and retail sector

coupons, bar code/ loyalty coupons, promotional items, spends on marketing events/ campaigns, etc. Employee(s) or in Collusion with Supplier/ Third Party Analysis of data related to advertising and marketing spends, along with billing data of agencies 1. Forensic Data Analytics of Advertising and Marketing Spends 2. Fraudulent Activity

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The Internet of Things in the oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, the promise of IoT applications lies not with managing existing assets, supply chains, or customer relationships but, rather, in creating new value in information about these. An integrated deployment strategy is key for O&G …

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Taxation and Investment in Czech Republic 2017

Contents . 1.0 Investment climate. 1.1 Business environment 1.2 Currency 1.3 Banking and financing 1.4 Foreign investment 1.5 Tax incentives 1.6 Exchange controls

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M&A Tax Talk: Private equity insights

or coupons that may be payable in kind (PIK) at the option of Pubco, among others. PE fund-level tax considerations . As PIPE transactions vary by investment structure and investment agreement, so do the fund-level tax implications. Common tax considerations include the following : Phantom income . It is very common for PIPE investments to be

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Digital acceleration and strategy Deloitte Insights

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that automatically compares prices and searches available coupons while customers shop online. 25 In part due to the strength of its digital offerings, Capital One topped J. D. Power’s 2020 rankings for customer satisfaction among large retail banks. 26. Products and services.

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The clash of new consumer

The variety of options—coupons, retailer apps, social media ads, email newsletters, rewards apps, etc.—and evolving, often Guidelines for getting off the ground Think big Immerse yourself in innovation Explore the “art of the possible” and incite ideas. Look outside

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Ψηφιακός Μετασχηματισμός του Κλάδου Λιανικού Εμπορίου

κατάστημα σε κάποιο φυσικό κατάστημα ή άλλο pick-up / drop off point, κ.ά. •Ενισχύεται με νέες ψηφιακές δυνατότητες η έννοια των λιστών επιθυμιών (wish lists) και των προγραμμάτων επιβράβευσης (loyalty schemes).

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Swiss retailers should offer more than just collecting

According to a survey conducted by professional firm Deloitte, 62 percent of Swiss consumers use a loyalty programme at least once a week, such as Cumulus, Supercard or IKEA Family.Nevertheless, just over one-third (36%) of respondents seldom or never use their points for discounts or benefits. Today's customer loyalty programs must therefore offer more than just …

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Why Wi-Fi

445,000 coupons in one day for half off a $50 purchase at a large apparel retailer. The mid-2010 offer was Groupon’s most successful to date, and generated $11 million in sales according to the company9 • Deloitte’s 2010 consumer surveys10 have highlighted how shoppers today are using technology:

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The future of mobility and the media and entertainment

Those riding in self-driving cars can look forward to entertainment far beyond podcasts, FM radio, and streaming music: personalized video, gaming, and more. The possibilities suggest big opportunities for media companies in the coming years—and a slew of upstart competitors to counter.

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Social business study: Shifting out of first gear

The coupons have unique codes so the company can measure the sales that come through its various online initiatives. Operations — Precision and Visibility The risk of supply-chain interruptions and delays is a common challenge in global business.

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Capitalizing on the Promise—and the Power—of the Internet

While that may seem an invasion of privacy to some, 63 percent of shoppers see digitally-targeted coupons as the most valuable form of mobile marketing. 9 In addition, the overall system can track an individual’s traffic within the store. Then a company can examine heat maps of customer traffic over different time periods (24-, 48-, 96-hours

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2017 back-to-school survey

• One-quarter plan to use social media for transactional purposes –to find promos/coupons and browse • 77% say they would use new digital in-store technologies that offer value and convenience • ~$19b (71%) of total B2S spending happens during an eight-week period from early July through late August

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Simplified hedge accounting: consumer industry considerations

component of the coupons as the hedged item. In doing so, the change in fair value of the debt attributable to changes in the designated risk is based on a theoretical debt instrument with an assumed maturity that matches the swap and assumed coupons that also match the swap. In addition, if the instrument is prepayable, an entity may

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Securing tomorrow The ripple effects of insurance-linked

Securing tomorrow The ripple effects of insurance-linked securities in the reinsurance market 1 If the definition of insurance at its most basic is the spreading of the risk of loss associated with a particular event among as many participants as possible, the

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2014 Back-to-School Survey Rising to the head of the class

I'll use more store coupons I'll use more loyalty or other cards that give me reward points or other benefits 26% 49% 59% 32% 16% 20% 58% of female shoppers have a budget in mind when shopping this back-to-school season, as compared to 47% of male shoppers

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Traditions old and new: Holiday trends over the decades

or coupons to come back post the holiday season to be able to shop, to take advantage of what has been the natural tendency to have that post-holiday shopping season, but really to drive the foot traffic into their stores and trying to work through that inventory and get ready for the next season. Bobby: Right, Stacy, what you got at near

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Industry update on tax landscape in India and indirect tax

brand promotion such as coupons, free of cost supplies etc. Marketing spends • Trade discount—on-invoice discount allowed upfront on bulk purchases • Cash discount—on-invoice discount/post supply discount allowed for inducing prompt payments Cash and trade discount • Allowed by way of issuance of credit notes on achievement of specified

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2015 Back-to-School Survey Reading, writing, and retail

coupons, sale information Get price information Get a store location Locate a store that carries a particular product Shop online 65% 64% 59% 56% 53% 48% 46% Shop online Get price information Access a retailer's website Get product information Make a purchase Read product/retailer reviews View a retailer's ad “With‏regard to your back to

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The 2010 American Pantry Study The new rules of the

The 2010 American Pantry Study The new rules of the shopping game 3 dollars with tactics that remain market-share, advertising based, and point of purchase promotion oriented. Consumers have learned that they can use tactics to find the

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Real-Time Customer Insight and Foresight With Analytics

The challenge. Deloitte helped the company craft a solution using the SAP HANA platform, which is an in-memory solution designed to deliver versatility and near real-time analytics. With the insight that real-time data fed into analytics engines can provide, the company is able to better understand—and proactively respond to—customer

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Pre-budget 2018 expectations: Manufacturing, Financial

Based on international practices, government should contemplate exempting GST for life insurance sector. The input tax credit of life insurance services is ineligible for set off, which becomes a cost for businesses. It is expected that government review this provision and allow set-off on specified/notified life insurance schemes/ policies.

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