Building a Better Workforce

Building a Better Workforce. An experienced workforce is good for the bottom line. Many hiring managers don't take advantage of that. Building a Better Workforce focuses on providing up to …

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The Process of Career Transition

For now, here are explanations of each of the steps. Self-Assessment. In order to make a transition in your career, you need to know who you are and what you have to offer a new …

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Older Sales Pros Rock

Experience makes a massive difference in a sales effort-on everything from calming an irate customer to anticipating and avoiding a costly shipping problem. Treating older sales …

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Making the Most of Professional Organizations

Some organizations are quite large with more than 100 people attending chapter meetings. Find out if there are small spin-off groups that also meet regularly to focus on a particular topic. …

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When You're Doing Too Much!

9. HELP YOURSELF: Let your family help you relax by planning activities with you. Leave your cell phone and computer in OFF mode. Don’t check your email for 24 hours. I promise it won’t …

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Be Here Now, Instead of Numbing Out or Being Frenetic

What’s a better choice for the frustrated over-50 employee or the laid off worker? I’ve talked in this column about various ways of using this time of your life to establish a clear vision of who …

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Selling the Age Advantage

Selling the Age Advantage By Kit Harrington Hayes. I regret to report that age discrimination remains rampant in the American workplace. That makes job hunting an especially painful …

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Turning Your 401 (k) or Other Savings into Guaranteed Lifetime …

The benefit to you is not just the lifetime guarantee, but the fact that in general you can get a higher monthly income - usually a lot higher - than you can get by investing conservatively and …

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Retirement Advice for the Rest of Us

They're not going to make enough money off of us to be worth their time. But, you may be thinking you do have enough. Maybe your retirement income includes a pension as well as …

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Re-Vamp Your Job Search Strategy: Part 1

The more strategic and targeted your search is, the better off you'll be. Research is a critical part of the job search process because it can help you to: Identify companies that may be hiring in …

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Can You Create Work That Gives You a Sense of Purpose, Even in a …

Perhaps, you have been expected to take over the work of others who have been laid off or for positions that have not been filled due to cutbacks, then the stress of trying to accomplish …

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Don't Follow the Crowd in Hiring Strategies

Yes. Maybe they do "cost more" in terms of salary and benefits, but those aren't the only measures of cost you need to be looking at. You get what you pay for. Look at more than …

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Getting the Most Out of Your Seasoned Employees

Dealing with poor performance from any age employee requires wisdom. With older workers, there's the extra challenge of not assuming it's inevitable. Current thinking is that older workers …

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What If You Can't Afford To Retire

No skin off of our noses. Until, of course, the markets rebel and then it's not just skin off our noses, but flesh off our bones. If you are getting near to retirement age, or are already there, …

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Advice for the Non-Affluent

I think such a model can work, and I plan to prove it. But other models might work as well - and I hope that other advisers (and larger financial firms) will also make some breakthroughs that …

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Why Companies Are Not Interested in Old Experience

Employers couldn't care less about your vast repository of experience. Rather than impress, it's an immediate turnoff. All it does is confirm any prejudice an employer may have about older …

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A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Guide to writing an effective LinkedIn profile - A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your LinkedIn Profile by Maggie Graham, MEd, CPCC. Whether you’re starting from …

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A Small Investment in your Resume could Pay Off

The problem is this. Many of us are very proud of what we have done in the past and want to show that off to prospective employers. And many of us have difficulty in thinking strategically …

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