Printable Payment Voucher Template …

Facilities such as internet and software applications (i.e. WORD, EXCEL) help us to create the voucher. The Internet is full of websites which help in designing the templates and document to direct us to the right format we need. If someone wants to personalize the document s/he can create it with tools such as Microsoft word and excel.

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URL: https://www.wordexceltemplates.com/payment-voucher-template/

Printable MS Word and Excel Templates

Microsoft Word® Microsoft® Word is an excellent software to create documents and reports as well as write letters, contracts, and agreements. It can also be used to write reports, memos, and resumes. Microsoft Word® (MS Word) is very user-friendly. There are many features in this software to suit the needs of the user. Users can […]

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Closing Hours for Holiday Notices …

Our store will remain closed on 11 th March 2020 as a celebration of our 23 rd anniversary. We will reopen on 12 th March 2020 and on that day, you can enjoy a 23% discount on all our products. The timings will remain the same, i.e. 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Come and enjoy the shopping!

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Independence Day Holiday …

Because the holiday is falling on Thursday, we have decided to give the next day, i.e. Friday XYZ, 20XX, an off-day as well, so that you all can enjoy a long weekend. Not only this, collect your dinner coupons from the HR department before you go back home today. Enjoy the holidays and come back refreshed! Have an independent long weekend

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