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Need Someone To Turn A Wrench: We Tell You How To Find A

$3.00 OffJust Now Advertise exclusively with discount coupons on low-cost work that is not profitable for them (Oil changes, tire rotations, and other low-skilled work are not very profitable for a repair shop.) Shoppers who want the absolute best in service won’t care very much about saving $3.00 on an oil change, so the coupon does not appeal to them, and

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Too Much Oil In Car? Even An Extra Quart Can Cause Big

Deals3 hours ago In fact, high performance engines have windage trays to divert the oil that the crankshaft slings off, so it doesn’t form a rotating mass around the crankshaft and start foaming. Either way, a crankcase filled with whipped foam won’t supply the critical oil pressure needed to protect expensive engine parts.

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Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates While Driving: What's The

Deals7 hours ago Top it off. Contrary to popular thinking, using an engine oil that is too thin will not make the gauge reading erratic on an engine that is in good mechanical condition. If installing a thicker viscosity oil raises the oil pressure, then something major is wrong inside the engine. Besides, modern cars are designed to use very thin oil anyway

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