LBUY 13F Hedge Fund and Asset Management Owners

The Company offers a platform that allows users to locate dispensaries, find coupons, and read reviews. Leafbuyer Technologies serves customers in the United States. Data as of …

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QUOT 13F Hedge Fund and Asset Management Owners

Hedge fund XN was one of 2020's largest new funds. Gaurav Kapadia is off to an impressive start. 03/05/2021; While investors party like its 1999, Insiders are selling stock like there's no tomorrow. Is a crash imminent? 02/23/2021

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AMJ 13F Hedge Fund and Asset Management Owners

The ETN coupons are reported on Form 1099s and therefore eliminate the administrative burden associated with K-1 forms. Investors can trade the ETNs on the NYSE, Arca exchange or receive a cash payment at the scheduled maturity or upon early repurchase, based on …

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FNET 13F Hedge Fund and Asset Management Owners

FortuNet, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of multi-game and multi-player server-based gaming platforms in North America. The company's gaming platforms include networks of wireless and stationary player terminals, cashier-based point of sale (POS) terminals, self-service POS kiosks, and game file servers that conduct and control bingo games.

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