What Is Iran Really Like

The results of his experience are eye-opening and beg for a more thoughtful look into the issue of waging wars against far off countries. First, his explanation of what motivated him to embark on this adventure.

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Two More Eggs is the genius new series of shorts created by the brothers behind Homestar Runner. The show’s humor picks up right where Homestar Runner left off and is fantastically quotable.

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Fake Peloton DIY

Fake Peloton DIY – Make Your Own & Save Big. You’ve probably seen a commercial for the Peloton bike. If not, watch below. This magic bike will change your life – at least that’s what they want you to believe. The price tag is a cool $1,995 not including shipping or the monthly subscription! OR keep reading and I’ll show you how to

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A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab shows off their nano quadrotor experiments. The nano quadrotors fly in impressively tight and precise formations. Just wait until government drones are sailing through your neighborhood with this technology. For more information, head over to GRASP’s website.

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Kickstarter: New Show From The Totally Rad Show's Jeff

The Kickstarter project to get this show made has taken off like lightning! In less than a week, it has already raised over 4 times its original goal of $20,000. In less than a week, it has already raised over 4 times its original goal of $20,000.

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March 2017

Coupon Code Rogan; Contact; Twitter; Subscribe to RSS; Archive | March 2017. March 16, 2017 Leave a Comment; Two More Eggs Playlists & Complete List of Episodes. Two More Eggs is the genius new series of shorts created by the brothers behind Homestar Runner. The show’s humor picks up right where Homestar Runner left off and is fantastically

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How To Be Unremarkably Average In 11 Easy Steps

It’s easy to be average, but being unremarkably average takes dedication! Follow these 11 easy steps & you’ll be well on your way to averageness. You may be surprised by how many of the steps you’ve already taken!

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Breaking Bad's 'Felina' Revealed

Tomorrow night will mark the end to one of the greatest TV shows ever. The final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ is titled “Felina“, which spurred Andi Teran to write an in-depth theory on how the show will wrap up.. First off, the title Felina can be interpreted several ways. On the periodic table of elements Fe stands for Iron, Li stands for Lithium, and Na stands for Sodium.

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Weird Cool Dumb's Top Movies Of 2012

I love Yann Martel’s book and the movie is as good of an adaptation as I could have hoped for. The only thing that felt off was the portrayal of the writer by Rafe Spall (felt a little cheesy). Other than that, the cinematography was phenomenal and the film was great! ’21 Jump Street’ directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller

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Weird Cool Dumb's Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

The Wachowskis are filmmakers whom I always give the benefit of the doubt. Cloud Atlas was an entertaining mess & I’m always waiting for them to make “the next Matrix”.. Inherent Vice [August 13, 2014] Paul Thomas Anderson is a legendary director & Inherent Vice is a legendary book. Add in a little Joaquin Phoenix & this is without a doubt a must-see.

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June 2013

Adventures on the Tabletop is a Kickstarter project to fund Douglas Morse’s upcoming documentary covering all aspects of board game design.Read More…

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My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

I don’t know much about this sequel/spin-off, but I’m sure it will be enjoyable. #9) ‘Life of Pi’ [December 21, 2012] Only one image has been released for this film.

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J.C., Author at Weird Cool Dumb

On May 5th 2018, Warren Buffett said Bitcoin was probably, “rat poison squared”. This post chronicles some of the negative things both Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have said about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.Read More…

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April 2012

William Edwards Deming was a man before his time, whose ideas of quality manufacturing systems flourished in Japan, but otherwise remained mostly unknown until his later years.

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Everything to Know About the God Particle

Romacha says : August 17, 2012 at 7:24 am. Interesting rumours, ieendd, and I am confidentthe Higgs will be found in the range 122-132 GeV, havingpredicted its mass together with the top quark massin a composite model, before either top or Higgs weredetected.

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Jack White Releases First Solo Album

After album upon album with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, Jack White releases his first solo album.. Jack White is one of the best guitar players alive. End of story. His work with Meg White in The White Stripes sealed his place in music history. Since then, he’s been involved in a number of side-projects, but ‘Blunderbuss’ is the first album with his name on it.

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Hanna-Barbera Cartoon 'Wacky Races' Brought to Life in

There are off-the-wall characters, crazy vehicles & weird items – classic Hanna-Barbera fun. Peugeot does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of each character & their vehicles. I especially like their version of Dick Dastardly & how the commercial ends with Penelope Pitstop using her looks (as always) to get what she wants.

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