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Anyone have a coupon code for breaking into wall street modeling program

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Wall Street Oasis Discounts Wall Street Oasis

+48 OFF by Prospective Monkey in Investment Banking - Mergers and Acquisitions"> Prospect in IB-M&A Why the hate towards growth PE / sourcing (e.g. KKR Tech)? +42 PE by hillarysweeney

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Wall Street Prep Coupon Wall Street Oasis

This is my referral codeyou can use it if you like..you would get 10% off. REF23142. Hope this helps

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How McDonald make money with coupon app

I have the McDonald App and the coupons are pretty unbelievable. For example, just today I got a free medium McCafe (worth $3) by buying a $1.25 McDouble. The other day I got free fries and you can get a buy 1 get one free sandwich. Now I was just thinking, the cost to make a McDouble is maybe $0.90. And the cost to make a medium McCafe is maybe $2.50.

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GROUPON WTF Wall Street Oasis

Scarcity value is something you could trade off of if you can market correctly. What I think would be interesting as an intermediary would be bidding on a portfolio of these discounts, re-marketing them to the best buyers (e.g. marked-up teeth whitening coupons @ a nail-salon and 80%/20% revenue with the nail salon owner).

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Confused with IRR and YTM of a bond Wall Street Oasis

Buddy, you are confused. Your numbers are off. In your example, if principal is $1000, 10% coupon p.a. for 5 years cash flows should be. yr 0 1 2 3 4 5

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How to get a free 100$ forex account without depositing a

here is the tip, there is this currency broker called uwcfx that launched a special offer with a payment solution called okpay all you have to do is go and register with okpay at okpay.com then you will get an e-mail with a coupon code for the free 100$ and from there you go to uwcfx.com sign up and verify your account with the needed documents then enter the coupon code in the deposit page in

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Best Place to buy suits for IBD Analysts

For a SA, Macy's honestly works fine.Go during a big sales event and keep an eye out for coupons (they can usually be added on top of the current sales price). They sell a lot of decent slim cut 100% wool suits for IB at most BBs your daily attire will be a dress shirt and suit pants/slacks. I only wore a jacket and tie during meetings.

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Anton Kreil

**The mentors making money off you and their validity **: When I met Anton and Raj Malhotra(Former MD of options trading at Nomura) they both told me the same thing. They're not doing this to be Mother Teresa. They do have an objective to the mentorship program, and that is they train you on what they know and how to trade. Once you've passed

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What are exit opps really like for MBB Partners

If you weren't sponsored the first 4-5 years of that you will still be paying off student loans. Over those other 6-8 years you are looking at a blended average pre-tax salary of say $600k (maybe $400k post-tax, probably a little less). You aren't semi-retiring off of that.

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credit spread / coupon of a new bond issue Wall Street Oasis

Hi all, I have been wondering for a while now how you estimate the credit spread / coupon of a new bond issue in case you have got few comps, ie no other issuers and old bonds have shorter maturity. I assumed you would take the z spread of the current issue and add some bps to compensate for the longer maturity of the new issue. Any thoughts or do you know whats market practice ?

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Coupon Rate vs Yield Rate for Bonds Wall Street Oasis

For instance, say a bond at issuance is priced at 100 with 10% coupons. You pay 100 initially and receive 10% coupons over the life of the bond. At maturity, you receive 100. The yield and coupon will both equal 10%.

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Wallstreetprep. Anyone have a 15% off code

$430? You're probably better off reading Aswath Damodaran's free corp fin stuff. He even has free spreadsheets on DCFs and other valuation techniques. If your school subsidizes WSP I'd do it, but don't pay for out of your own pocket. It's probably not likely to …

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Ask Veritas Prep

indeed--code was just given to me last week by Marisa. Bryant, WSO is an affiliate of Veritas as well --- one of the reasons we can keep so much of WSO free is due to the revenue we generate from affiliates. Coming in and posting your own affiliate code for the exact same products that we are affiliates for won't fly - just like we don't allow for people to sign up and just promote their

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GMAT Pill Promo Code

Click above and Use "WSO40" Promo Code and Get Additional $40 off ($333 Off total package)! This package deal includes the following modules: Sentence Correction Pill ($120) Critical Reasoning Pill ($120) Reading Comprehension Pill ($150) Data Sufficiency Pill ($100) Problem Solving Pill ($120)

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Need coupon code for BIWS Premium Wall Street Oasis

I am inclined to purchase it but the $347 price is not cheap. Anyone has a coupon code for it or can direct me to how I can get it? I really appreciate it. BTW, how beneficial is it …

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What type of coat to wear over a suit

Right now they're on sale for $150 after 25% off and free shipping. Great coat and definitely warm enough for NYC/east coast. I've worn it over my suit a couple times and it fits/looks great. For size reference, I wear a 40R suit (40S in some brands) and have the "Regular - …

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Credit Hedge Fund Definition and Interviews Wall Street

Guys - I'm at a BB in Lev Fin and recently have been called up for an interview at a credit hedge fund within a private equity fund: focused on distressed debt, special situations, long/short equity, etc. I've been involved in several PE interviews but never interviewed with a …

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Argus Certification Course Discount Codes

Have some free time over the next few weeks and would like to knock out the Argus Enterprise Certification course. Any idea where I can find coupons/promo codes? Shit isn't cheap unfortunately.

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NEW Financial Modeling Training Courses Wall Street Oasis

I was genuinely concerned I was getting ripped off; the 100% guarantee is the only thing that made me confident enough to buy it. ZERO REGRETS!!! I absolutely loved the course, and not only am I retaining a vast majority of the information (unlike the course I took at University), it teaches the "no mouse" method, which is what I wanted.

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Why is a zero coupon bond more sensitive to interest rates

The cash you receive - just one big payment when the bond matures - is far out in time, so the present value of that cash flow is more sensitive to changes in the discount rate than a regular bond, whose interest payments come before maturity i.e. earlier in time which is why those cash flows are less sensitive to changes in the discount rate.

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Udemy discount Wall Street Oasis

I did got the Training the Street LBO, financial modeling, and excel package for 75% off last week. Great deal and solid course. Great deal and solid course. Authored by: Certified Investment Banking Professional - 2nd Year Associate Certified Investment Banking Pro

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Job Search Digest Wall Street Oasis

Talk me off the cliff +23 IB by Rocket Man. USC GIS - Bridgewater, Pershing Square, Oaktree, KKR +20 OFF by gplotkin69. WSO 2021 Investment Banking Work-Conditions Survey (Part 2/2) +20 IB by AndyLouis. 2021 Graduates IB salaries, bonus, sign-on bonuses +17 IB by NA in IB-M&A. See Highest Ranked Comments.

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Microsoft AZ-104 Dumps Pdf : 2020-Aug

Go through with these Microsoft AZ-104 dumps pdf to pass your Microsoft Azure Administrator (beta) exam. We have made this AZ-104 study material easier for you. Our Azure AZ-104 practice guide contains 246 Questions that are authorized by Azure specialists. You can also save your money with this coupon code 20%off and you will get 20% discount.

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How quantitative is structuring

So you create some structured notes that pays 0% coupon (but protects principal) if the currency rate is 1.5 a year later, but as the rate goes high or lower than 1.5 the pay off (coupon)begin to increase (on both sides), but if the rate goes out of the range then coupon is zero again. so it's like a bond that has coupons that depend on

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Technical Questions for DCM Interviews Wall Street Oasis

Bank discount yield is (Discount from Face/Face Value) * (360/T) . Notice it is calculated off a 360 day year vs. 365. I don't work in DCM nor did I know the difference until I took Level 1 of the CFA which covers this topic pretty well. This is the right answer.

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L/S Credit HF Analyst

The main asymmetry is in China, on a number of fronts (social, geopol, crash landing), but mostly because they either deval vs USD 10-20% overnight at any given point or aggressively resume such deval which last knocked 20% off of equities and every fundamental angle says China needs to deval, whether instantly or gradually is the debate.

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Seamless Hacks

There was a Seamless deli that had a lot of non-perishable groceries on the Seamless menu. Razor blades, soap, all that kind of stuff. There was also McDonald's downstairs which I happen to …

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what's the point of OID (original issue discounts) when

One may wish to issue zero coupons, to avoid cash flow. Also, based on things like NIC and TIC one may be able to find a better overall rate of financing for the series. One may also issue at a specific rate to fit a specific debt service level. Of all the issuances I have seen there have been very few that trade at a …

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$50,000 what business would you start

Hi WSO, I summon your collective minds to brainstorm on this idea!! If you have $50,000 and you can start any business what business would you start and why? -$500 monthly stipend for food/gas/cell phone -couch is free (parents/gf/friends) Present your business case and I will shower you with SB's like I shower supermodels with Cristal

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If you had $1B, but could only make one investment with it

Title says it all. Trading structure/strategy can be as complex as you'd like, but the money has to be put toward just one "bet." For example: shorting a call on a Euro stocks index and going long on EUR/USD puts to invest in the idea that the Eurozone will fall.

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Questions on Carry Wall Street Oasis

Looking at off-run curve, the .875 11/30/17 are trading at 87 bps, so the approx to 3mo roll-down is 1bp. The flaws with this approx is that we should factor in on-the-run premium of 2y, coupon diff, and date mismatches (term does not match our horizon).

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Interview Question on bonds Wall Street Oasis

I am preparing for an interview in Debt Capital Market. I went on the forums and different websites collecting potential questions. I found this question: Say you have two high yield bonds with identical coupons and maturities, one from a supermarket and one from a high tech company. Which one do you buy and why? Here is how I would tackle this question: The high tech company will …

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DAY6@ NFR Live Stream 2020: National Finals Rodeo Live

Get 20% off now. Use coupon code "NFR" & start NFR 2020 streaming instantly. Don't miss a single moment of the Wrangler NFR live action. Don't worry, If you can't attend in Texas NFR, we'll discuss here how to watch National Finals Rodeo online real-time TV coverage.

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Where can I buy the perfect white dress shirt

no such thing as the perfect shirt at Charles Tyrwhitt prices. if you get a discount code you can get CT shirts for 30-40 bucks. your best bet is to get 100% custom. get someone who measures everything, even the difference in wrist depending on the type of watch you wear, type of cuff (not just barrel or french, but square, notch, curved, etc.). in the southeast, they go for about $120 a pop

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Why would you ever issue debt at a discount

I understand issuing zero-coupons to defer cash flow, but if you're issuing at below market rates, wouldn't you just need to issue more bonds to receive the same cash? Super simplified example, if market is 10% wouldn't you need to issue more discount bonds at 5% to receive about the same amount of cash as issuing these bonds at par at 10%? So you're still paying the same yield on your inflow

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What does Treasury Sales do

The portfolio managers that we cover buy a variety of fixed-income products, including commercial paper, treasury bonds, agency discount notes & coupons, mortgages, short corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, etc. Commercial paper trades almost exclusively on the money market desk, and is one of the oldest securities in the financial markets.

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Bond Funds Implode in 321 Wall Street Oasis

Bond funds have been on my mind lately. I know today is Election Day and some of you are expecting me to opine about the possible outcomes. Meh. No matter who you vote for, government still wins. With the exception of California Prop 19 (vote YES if you're eligible), I'm really pretty disinterested in what is yet another "most important election of our lifetimes".

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Citi Public Finance

Coupons; Yields; from certified user @PEConsulting" get a good idea of the market and current trends, the differences in credits, you should probably know where the firm sits in the league table. Technically I would probably know how coupons, yields, and prices all relate. Company Database. Interested in company reviews?

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Frugal Financiers -- Ballin' on a Budget Wall Street Oasis

T.M. Lewin selling 5 shirts for $160, but coupon code "FIRST" cuts them to $115.20. Add $15 for shipping, and ends up being around $26. Can't vouch for T.M. Lewin quality, other than I heard it was comparable to Charles Tyrwhitt, if not a notch below. Either way, I'd take a …

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Allen Edmonds on Sale at Lord and Taylor Wall Street Oasis

Use coupon code EXTRA to get 20% off. The park avenues come out to $207 with the discount. allen edmonds. park ave. Log in or register to post comments. 1; WSO Elite Modeling Package. 6 courses to mastery: Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation and DCF;

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Free Clear Admit Columbia School Guide

Clear Admit is excited to offer applicants one FREE school guide to Columbia Business School. Available for immediate download, each Clear Admit School Guide offers informative and detailed profiles of leading business schools; the definitive guide to CBS, the Columbia School Guide provides insight into the program's core curriculum, popular professors and access to business leaders in NYC

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Job that allows to see the world Wall Street Oasis

Hi everyone. I am having trouble getting excited about my career path post graduation. I recently received a full-time offer from an investment bank I was interning at this summer, but realized that while I would be making a great living salary wise, I felt like I was following a set path that goes IB -> PE -> MBA -> PE, when in reality that doesn't really interest me that much.

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NFL Hurting Papa John's Pizza Sales Wall Street Oasis

Papa John's generally prices itself above its competition. This is usually not a huge deterrent for customers as Papa John's has plenty of 25%-50% coupons floating around the Internet, but the thing is, many people (some of my friends claims most) order over the phone, and Papa John's does not give any of these discounts to phone orders.

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Paul Fredrick Shirts

I saw an ad in the WSJ for $20 white shirts with coupon code. I'm looking to get a few basic white shirts for interviews. Any idea how their slim fit shirts are?

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