Woodworking Jointer

The height difference between the infeed and outfeed table determines how much wood is trimmed off. A fence keeps the board in place as it passes by the cutting head. Once the wood passes the head, it’s supported by the outfeed table. The fence angle determines the final shape of the cut surface.

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Model 40180H-CT (with HSS tips)

teflon top scratching off: October 24, 2019: Reviewer: Bernard S I recently purchased a cutech 8 inch teflon coating table because I had read about their excellent customer product service. However, I am very disappointed after emailing Cu-tech service department with pics of scratched teflon top on both infeed and outfeed tables after jointing

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Wahuda 8” Jointer

The outfeed table was off by about 1/16 of a turn of the adjustment screws and the infeed table was off by the same amount on the front side only. I like the table extension arms. Makes this machine able to handle longer material than most bench top models, but takes up less space than a floor model.

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