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Low Priced Medical Supplies & Equipment | Best Customer Care & Product Experts. Vitality Medical has one of the largest selections of medical products and equipment compared to most online medical supply stores. We have been the best place for consumers and resellers to buy medical equipment and home medical supplies since 2000, and have served over 2.5 million customers.

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Discount Policy - Vitality Medical

The discount is reflected as either a percentage off or as a specific dollar amount. Coupons, promotional codes and special shipping offers do not apply to international orders. Free shipping promotions do not apply to orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii at this time.

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SAVE 5% off your order with coupon code "NEWSLETTER5". In order for our emails to arrive correctly please check your spam settings to allow all emails from "[email protected]" to arrive in your inbox. Your Satisfaction is Our Goal. Serving more than 2,500,000 satisfied customers since 2000

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Clearance Items | Discounted Products | Closeouts

Looking for clearance items or closeout priced medical supplies or products. Vitality Medical has you covered. Visit our clearance page today to find great deals. Fast shipping and low prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Vitality Medical

Shipping rates are calculated based off of order weight, destination and order subtotal. You can easily determine shipping costs for your order by adding all of your items to your cart and viewing your shipping rate options on the checkout page.

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[Ships Free] Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser, 28 Day

Anatomy of an Automatic Pill Dispenser . What is Med-E-Lertâ„¢? New and Improved! Introducing the 2019 1.OPREMIUM Edition . Med-E-Lertâ„¢ 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser now offers a tamper-resistant key locking mechanism on the dispenser. This system provides patient alerts when it is time to take solid pill medications and an updated alarm cut-off switch that turns the alarm off afterward.

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Boost Calorie Smart - Nestle Boost 12188056, 12188057

The Boost Calorie Smart is an easy way to consume a heaping helping of nutrients and protein for a growing body. If you feel as if you are not consuming enough protein in your daily diet to retain muscle, if you feel sluggish or weak at times, low energy, or have started to notice you can no longer keep up with the activities you used to do just fine before it could be due to a loss of muscle.

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Skil-Care EZ On Lateral Support for Wheelchair Positioning

Skil-Care EZ On Lateral Support provides restraint-free wheelchair positioning. Skil-Care 706005. BUY DISCOUNT Wheelchair Accessories FOR SALE at Vitality Medical. Low Prices and Fast Shipping!

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BONRO Medical Penis Pumps | Vitality Medical

Georgia-based Bonro Medical, Inc. has been helping millions of men treat erectile dysfunction (ED) for more than a decade. The Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device is so effective, it can produce an erection in less than 60 seconds. In fact, Bonro's device is FDA-registered, verifying its safe and effective performance. The key to Bonro Medical's successful Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device is a user

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ActiveLife One-Piece Drainable Pouches | ConvaTec 022771

The ActiveLife One-Piece Drainable Pouch with Cut-to-Fit Stomahesive Skin Barrier is transparent with a 1-sided comfort panel and tape collar. A lightweight, flexible, one piece system, the ostomy system combines the skin barrier and pouch in one simple, easy-to-manage system. Cut-to-Fit pouches allow you to customize the size from 3/4 Inch up to 2-1/2 Inch.

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Adult Briefs | Incontinence Brief | Disposable & Washable

Briefs are designed to provide full incontinence protection while offering an easy on, easy off solution. Designed with tape tabs or hook and loop taps, briefs can be donned or doffed while standing up, laying down or sitting on a wheelchair.

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EZ-ACCESS Passport Vertical Platform Lift | VitalityMedical

EZ-ACCESS Passport Vertical Platform Lift is a mobility aid that provides options for difficult pathways, porches, stairs or platforms.. This lightweight, vertical wheelchair platform lift features a top landing gate with a mechanical interlocking latch and magnetic reed switch. This helps keep the rider protected from accidental injury and helps prevent improper operation of the platform lift.

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Buy CryoDerm Pain Relieving Cold Therapy | Gel, Spray, Gallon

Peppermint Oil - Peppermint delivers a burning-cold sensation. It also has anesthetic properties and promotes blood flow. Arnica - This yellow herb is diluted to reduce pain and reduce inflammation to be helpful with muscle soreness, joint irritation, and swelling.; Eucalyptus - Its leaves contain antioxidants that fight bacteria and have pain relieving properties.

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Hyperice Hypervolt Cordless Massage Device | Vitality Medical

Now you can shave precious minutes off the time it takes you to get your muscles ready to workout. Just vibrate the muscles you will be using for 30-seconds. After you are finished exercising, you may be tempted to skimp on your cool down. However, your recovery time is critical to accelerating your progress.

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Shopping Cart - Vitality Medical

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal. Serving more than 2,500,000 satisfied customers since 2000

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Molnlycke Mepilex Absorbent Silicone Foam Dressing BUY ON SALE

Mepilex is a Wound Dressing designed to serve as an Absorbent Dressing for a wide range of exuding wounds such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, and traumatic wounds, such as skin tears, blisters, abrasions and secondary healing wounds. Mepilex is manufactured by Molnlycke. Mepilex is a soft and highly conformable Foam Dressing that absorbs exudate and maintains a

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Problems With Your Order - Vitality Medical

$5 OFF On Most Orders Over $40! Use Code: DROP5 | Exclusions Apply - Expires 2.21.21 We will credit canceled orders in the form of payment used, and we will not credit or reissue coupons on a cancelled order. If you'd like to cancel your order, please call us at 1-800-397-5899 before we ship your order. We usually process and ship orders

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Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator 5- Liter Machine

Invacare Perfecto2 Oxygen Concentrators is a 5-liter O2 machine that is smaller, quieter, sleeker, and more effective at delivering continuous flow at 5 liters. BUY wholesale O2 concentrators ON SALE at Vitality Medical. Low Prices and Fast Shipping!

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[Ships Free] Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed

IVC Full-Electric Low Bed offers greater safety for patients under fall management. This Low Bed combines the safety and convenience of a hospital low bed with the ease of a Full-Electric Hospital Bed.The Invacare Low Bed panel ends are fully compatible with existing full-electric bed frame inventories and the IVC drive shaft, simplifying inventory management for care providers and long-term

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Intensity 2.0 Automatic Pelvic Floor Kegal Exerciser

Intensity 2.0 Pelvic Floor Kegal Exerciser, which is a bigger and more enhanced version of the original, is inserted into the vagina to stimulate and tighten the pelvic floor muscles.The sexual health probe provides active resistance for pelvic floor muscles to contract against, promoting increased muscle strength. According to the Bladder and Bowel Foundation, strengthening the pelvic floor

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