38 of the Best Year-Round Veteran Discounts (2022 Edition)

To get your Verizon discount, you only have to verify your eligibility a single time. They also use the portal. 10. AT&T Veteran Discount. AT&T offers a 25% discount on all of their Unlimited Wireless plans, which means you could save up to $600 per year with their highest plan option.

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Save 10% With the Home Depot Military Discount

Yes, there’s a Home Depot military discount online that can help you save 10% off of select in-stock purchases. The following military personnel are eligible for these savings: Army National …

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GovX Provides Deals on 700+ Brands for the Military …

The GovX Discount Code Provides Savings for Over 700 Brands. provides a military discount to its members in a consolidated marketplace featuring hundreds …

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Veterans Day Military Deals: 17 Brands You Can’t Miss (2022 Edition)

Other brands offer percentages off sales or special coupons. You’ll find a ton of them here, so put on your bib and start prepping for your free meal and other Veterans Day military deals.

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With the Apple Military Discount, You Can Get 10% Off …

The Veterans and Military Purchase Program. Known as the Veterans and Military Purchase Program, the Apple discount for military provides as much as 10% off of popular Apple …

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YETI Military Discount Offers Hefty Deals to Military & Vets

How Much Is YETI Military Discount? Your discount is good for 20% off of eligible items. There are baseline restrictions, as mentioned before, but you may also find that there are even more …

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Under Armour Military Discount Offers 20% off and More

Military retirees can also enjoy savings, as they, too, qualify. Those eligible will receive 20% off of their purchase when shopping at, the UA App, or UA Brand House. Shoppers can …

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Complete Guide to the F-18 Super Hornet: Stats, Top …

In July 2022, strong winds and rain blew an F-18 Super Hornet off the deck of the carrier Harry S. Truman.The aircraft went overboard, sinking about 9,500 feet below the surface. The Navy …

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VA Cost of Living Increase 2022 Promises Vets Better

More on the VA Benefits Cost of Living Increase 2022. Before the official announcement of the 2022 VA cost of living increase, the estimated cost of living rate fell between 4.5% and 5.3%. …

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8 Inventions During the Civil War That Stood the Test of …

One of the greatest medical inventions during the Civil War, it was here that dedicated professionals would use a wagon to CASEVAC wounded troops from off the battlefield. In …

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Inside Diego Garcia: The Most Mysterious U.S. Naval Base

The island of Diego Garcia is a British Indian Ocean Territory near the tip of India. This military installation is located on the Chagos Archipelago, which is a group of seven atolls. Diego …

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Hispanic Heritage Month Honors Active Duty and Veterans

Here are just a few notable Hispanic Veterans who served our country: 1. Marcelino Serna. Serna became the first Hispanic-American to earn the Distinguished Service …

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Top 10 Military Retirement Gifts Your Military Friends Will Love

7. Military Challenge Coin Displays. Earning challenge coins during service is a rite of passage for many Veterans throughout various service branches. Gifting military challenge coin displays …

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Poisoning St. Louis Is a Hot Topic From the Cold War

The government poisoning of St. Louis remains a hot topic of discussion, as many believe they have faced long-term side effects from exposure, while the government is adamant that the …

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Sybil Ludington: The Forgotten Female Revolutionary War Hero

However, forgotten in the pages of history is the story of a teenage girl who helped spread the news of the British invasion throughout what would develop into Putnam County, New York. …

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Quiet Birdmen: How a Secret Military Society Helped Birth

Honey syrup (1:1 ratio of honey and water) 2 dashes of Absinthe. 2 dashes of Bitters. Club soda. Combine all ingredients, except the club soda, in a mixing tin and shake vigorously with ice. …

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How That Weird Mr. Rogers Sniper Myth Began VeteranLife

He was declared unfit for military service, however, in 1950 after failing a mandatory physical. Just to clear up a few other misconceptions about Mr. Rogers, the sniper that never was, here are …

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Vanilla or Chocolate

Since Sailors needed a way to take the edge off while out at sea and their vessels were dry of liquor, ice cream was their treat of choice, with the newly-created rocky road being a huge hit. …

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Joseph Beyrle: The U.S. Paratrooper That Helped the Soviets in WWII

While approaching their destination, Beyrle’s C-47 took heavy fire off the Normandy coast, forcing an emergency jump at a low altitude. Jumpin’ Joe was separated from his fellow paratroopers …

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