SaaS Growth Strategies That Work in 2021

What SaaS Growth strategies work best in 2021? Jason Lemkin mentioned in his recent LinkedIn post that GoDaddy, which makes 4 billion dollars (!) in ARR, spent $439,000,000 (!) on marketing in 2020. So even if you have a household brand that goes back to the times before SaaS was cool (1997), marketing is …

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Onboarding gamification

Paying teams completed on average 7.6 steps out of 10 instead of 4! Ultimately, it even led to higher activation rates and retention because it kept their users engaged in the process rather than an hour-long product tour or customer success call. Users reached their “Aha!

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The 13 Proven Customer Retention Strategies For SaaS

One of the most challenging problems is to cater to users who drop off in the first session itself. For most businesses that number ranges from ~20% to as high as 60%. Parth Shrivastava, Head of Marketing at Kommunicate. Gamification is the introduction of fun elements into any context to encourage the achievement of different tasks. Basically

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What is customer engagement and how to improve it

STEP 3: Introduce Gamification. One shortcut to increasing customer engagement is gamification. Gamification turns non-game tasks into a game with a specific end-point (an accomplishment or a …

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The User Engagement Strategy You Need for Hyper-growth

Discount coupons; Elements of rivalry between different users; Gamification triggers a chip in the user’s brain to use your product more and become experts. They will chase the same feeling they got the first time they received the reward and try to collect more. This is why it has been demonstrated to improve activation rates and feature

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