How to Build an Online Store

For example, customers who bring in a digital receipt from your online store can take 10% off their next purchase. If you don’t have an IRL store, use the promo tactic in an email campaign. By signing up to receive your newsletter, for example, customers can get a coupon code for your e …

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Top Tips for Building Trust With Customers

If you find that asking alone does not work, give away something, such as an entry to win a $500 gift card or a coupon code for 50% off one product, in exchange for a review or testimonial. Create a loyalty program. It can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to get one single new customer. Once you earn your customers’ trust, the key

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Can You Buy Customer Loyalty

Customers pay an annual membership fee of $59.95. In return, Thrive promises to give them 25% to 50% off retail prices on its products. Customers can create shopping lists by diet or values, selecting categories like paleo or vegan or cruelty-free. With a …

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How to Generate More “Word-of-Mouth” Referrals From Members

The National Business Aviation Association provides members with a URL to send to peers that provides a 20 percent discount on their first year of membership. By using the URL and the code REFERRAL, members are able to pass on the opportunity and savings. Learn more . . .

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NLRB Penalizes Grocer for Apologizing to its Customers U

NLRB Penalizes Grocer for Apologizing to its Customers. In 2010, the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market in Eagle Rock, California became a target of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. In March 2010, the union asked the grocer to bypass a secret ballot election and voluntarily recognize it as the employees’ representative.

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The Liability Game: The Price of Getting It Wrong Speech

When we shut off one avenue, they look for another, and increasingly they are looking across the Atlantic for the next big opportunity. As you know, some recent developments among European legal systems hint at the advent of class action and mass tort litigation on this side of the Atlantic.

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Mobile POS Systems: A Guide on How to Choose

A mobile point-of-sale system, also known as an mPOS or point-of-sale app, turns a smartphone or tablet into a cash register. This allows merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere — all you need is a device, the mPOS platform and an internet connection. Analysts predict that mPOS systems will be used to complete nearly 25% of all

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Computer Associates Global Forum

We are working for you to take back our legal system from greedy class action trial lawyers, reduce the excessive regulatory burden, fight for greater investment in technology infrastructure, crack down on thieves who rip off your products and ideas, and protect your ability to compete fairly and equally in the global arena. Thank you very much.

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NOTICE: factor (“rendering services as part of an

cards, vouchers, coupons, or cash. Franchisees are re-quired to accept SuperShuttle vouchers. Although the record is unclear as to whether the Company reimburses them for all vouchers in full, it does appear from the tes-timony that franchisees are reimbursed in full for com-plimentary rides and hotel coupons.

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CO- by US Chamber of Commerce

Venues are adding perks like self-checkout kiosks at Citi Field to in-seat food ordering to nudge folks off the couch and into the stands. Stadiums Adopt New Technology to Ease the Fan Experience Chief execs from Kohl's, Eataly, UNTUCKit, FabFitFun and CAMP, tell CO— how this strategy is critical to the make-or-break selling season this year.

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President Tells Steel Company Manager that He is Not

Presumably the manager of the steel company would already be shopping around for quality health plans at the best price for his employees. It's not like a company can clip coupons from the Sunday paper for health insurance. But let’s go to the substance of the President’s answer.

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CO- by US Chamber of Commerce

Paid time off is an important employee benefit for every business, but designing the right policy is no simple task. Here are some common PTO policies to help you structure your paid time off program. How to Structure Employee PTO Policies.

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Membership Development Director Orientation

-Magic Closet - Drop off Tuesday, Pick up following Tuesday-Mailbox-Supply Cabinet/Ordering Supplies-Review of Training Schedule-Job Description Review & Back-Up Plan -New Member Packets & Coupons Stacy 7:30 am - 8 am -Check E-mail-Review of Yesterday's Training & Questions Stacy. 8 am - 11:30 am -Review of Major Investors

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