Free Printable Coupons for Unique Gift Ideas

Scroll down to see the coupons. Click on the gift basket links next to the coupons to see the unique basket/s they belong to and get inspired! All the coupons on this page are FREE for your personal use. Tip: The last coupon in each group is a blank coupon so you can fill it in with your own ideas. Another tip: Print out only the coupons

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Cool Gift basket Ideas for Someone Who is Always Hot

Air-con control coupon: a 100% free cool gift basket idea (only for the brave).If you live under the same roof as your recipient and you are up for it, print out this coupon giving your recipient control over the air-conditioner remote and hand it to him/her wrapped nicely along with the remote.

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Shopaholic Gift Basket

You can get your recipient a gift voucher for a foot massage /pedicure at a specialized saloon. Or for an on-budget unique gift idea, give your recipient a homemade massage / pedicure yourself! Use one of these free blank gift certificates or nail care coupons to include in your gift basket.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Light Sleepers

Sleeping eye mask – to block away the light.; Ear plugs – to block away the noise.; White noise CD – one of the most helpful aids for light sleepers. It is a monotonous static noise just like the one coming out of an un-tuned radio. This noise “covers over” other sounds that might keep your recipient awake (dog barks, sirens, loud neighbors and other startling noises).

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College Gift Basket Idea

Youngsters all dream of the day they’ll move out of the house. But being used to having clean clothes, food in the fridge, running water, free phone calls, a variety of transportation options and other such luxuries, might be mind-boggling once they are out there on their own.. This college gift basket is all about making your recipient’s first encounter with independent living as pleasant

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Ideas for Bath Spa Gift Baskets With a Twist!

Let's kick off with the classic bath & spa gift items. Toiletries – luxury soap, moisturizer, exfoliating Body Scrub, high end hair mask etc. Scented candles. Bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath and other pampering products that can be added to bath (provided your …

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Gardening Gift Basket ideas

Scarecrow kit – if your recipient has a vegetable garden, a fun and unique addition for this gardening gift basket could be a scarecrow kit. Simply Draw eyes, nose and mouth on bucket/pot. put inside the pot an old hat, shirt, pants/overall and gloves, add 2 broom sticks/ bamboo poles. Finally add a note saying “scarecrow kit” in case

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Book Gift Basket Ideas

Books are the most essential ingredient in a book gift basket! It can be a book you love and want to share with the recipient , a recommended book you’ve heard of, a book featured on an off/online recommendation list (see “list of recommended books” item below), a book to match the recipient’s personality or any other book of your choice.

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knitting gift basket

Knitting yarn – a whole world of its own. There is an endless variety of colors and fiber types, go wild! Suggestion: If you add knitting patterns (see below) to your basket, check the required amount of yarn and include it in your basket so your knitter can start knitting …

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Painting Gift Basket

Palette knife – to scrap dry paint off palette and mix colors with. Paint Brushes – the classic painting gift basket item. Many types to choose from depending on size and filament type (man-made or animal bristles). The brushes in the picture are great for beginners and come with a brush holder too.

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Beach Gift Baskets

Hat – can be a nice big straw hat (for women), a baseball cap or a visor. If you prefer your hat to be the gift basket container I recommend you go for the larger straw hats. sun glasses & case – an inexpensive pair of sun glasses is a nice addition for the younger crowd (older people tend to be more picky about what they view the world through). A case for glasses is also a great idea

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easter basket ideas

This unique Easter basket idea will cost you nearly nothing but can be worth a fortune as long as you are willing to live up to the coupons you prepare.. The idea is simple: Prepare coupons – scroll a little further down for free printable templates. Fold the coupons into 3D origami eggs using this easy tutorial.; Fill a basket / egg box with your paper eggs (it’s a good idea to add an

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Camping Gift Basket Ideas for the Avid Camper

pet-sitting / plant watering coupons: if you live close to your recipient and want to help out while they are out camping , you can print out these custom made coupons and offer your assistance with their dog / cat / plants while they are away.; Large pencil sharpener: why? because using it to sharpen twigs will create shavings that make the best fire starters.

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