How to survive on $20 a week Unigo

The coupons in your $2 a week newspaper can save you $10 or more on your grocery bill each week. Use the sales fliers to find the best bargains and stock up on any deals that are dirt cheap. One week, I had coupons for cereal that was BOGO (buy one, get one). With the reduced price and my coupons, each box was only 50₵, so I bought 10 at a

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Getting More for Less in College Unigo

For example, Target will usually offer “off-to-college” coupons right before school starts so you can get your furnishings at a discount. These stores are also good for finding those weird-sized, “twin extra-long” sheets. Many colleges have providers that try to sell sheets in information packets sent to your home.

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How to get the best Black Friday deals Unigo

Next, start clipping coupons that give you additional money off your items, and be sure to browse the store’s online coupons, too. You can often stack a manufacturer’s coupon with the store coupon for bonus savings. Finally, don’t forget to check out some of the free shopping apps available,

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Popping Tags Can Save You Money in College Unigo

It’s a good idea to set a budget each semester, too. Decide how much you will spend on supplies, food, clothing, travel, entertainment and other expenses. Whenever possible, partner up with other students to purchase in bulk or get group discounts, and don’t forget to look for coupons or sales. A little research and preparation can save you

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3 Steps for Snagging the Best Black Friday Deals Unigo

BlackFriday.com – Lets you find sales fliers in alphabetical order and includes an option to have alerts sent to your email.. Nerdwallet.com – Similar to BlackFriday.com, but it separates links by categories (electronics, clothing, etc.) and provides links to coupons, too.. Fatwallet.com – Another great site for checking out upcoming deals, and it offers an app for Apple and Android users!

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The Great Groupon Debate Unigo

Earlier this month, National Louis University (NLU) opened the door to a whole new dimension in paying for college. They introduced the very first Groupon deal for college tuition by offering an Introduction to Teaching course at a discounted price of $950 — this represents $1,282 in savings off the original price for the course. But don’t get too excited just yet.

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11 things you never knew you needed to survive in college

In addition to the comfort aspect, you’ll even get 20% off your purchase with their everyday coupons! 9. 2-3 large plastic storage bins When dorm assignments come out, if you’re lucky, you’ll end up like I did with a room where you can physically touch your roommate while lying in bed.

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Longwood University Student Reviews and Questions

The campus has at least 5,000 students overall and bus stops are accessible all over on campus, off campus, and in front of multiple stores such as Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, and other restaurants. When you first enter the college, they give a packet of coupons for all the restaurants which is always exciting.

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Texas Tech University: Tell us about the food and dining

Another great thing about being a Tech student is all of the student discounts offered by restaurants. All you have to do is show them your Tech ID card or hand them one of the student bucks (free coupons that the school hands out periodically throughout the semester for …

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University of Rochester Student Reviews and Questions

University of Rochester is a welcoming campus with great and rigorous academics. The students here are all in for learning nothing but the best. Everyone is super friendly and eager to help you if they can. The area surrounding campus can be sometimes questionable but thats around every college campus.

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: What

School pride is off the charts and many Hokies will subsequently argue the school is the best in various aspects such as food, outdoor activities, football, sportsmanship, and scenery. I never had any school pride before attending Virginia Tech but now I safely put …

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Mind Over Money: Getting your college budget together Unigo

Clip coupons, scour Amazon for used textbooks, get cheap knockoff Seven jeans instead of the $200 real deal. Even shaving a dollar here or there off of your daily purchases can keep you afloat for longer.

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Textbook Wars: Where to Find the Cheapest Books on the Web

Scroll down and you’ll get the full picture on every seller listed, including the condition of the book, any coupons or deals being offered, shipping, and the total percent off the retail price of the book. It truly is your one-stop shopping destination for college textbooks, and best of all, it’s free!

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5 college life hacks you never knew you needed (until now

Inside are hundreds of coupons from car repairs to frozen yogurt and even … pizza! Every deal is exclusive to students, and they’re sometimes unbeatable. It’s almost as if they know ice cream coupons can cushion the blow of a college tuition. 5. Midnight Cookies (literally!)

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University of Florida: What's the most frustrating thing

The most frustrating thing about the University of Florida is the emphasis placed on sports. The money that goes into sporting events could be better spent increaing funding for education rather than closin down majors and continuing to increase the athletic budget. Also, the financial aid awarded to students on academic merit is very small

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Temple University: What are the most popular student

At the beginning of every year there is a welcome week for the students to get ready for the new school year. This week involves a “carnival” of vendors and student organizations on our main strip of campus handing out information about the clubs and the vendors give away coupons and giveaway prizes.

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Celebrate April Fools' Day With These Funny Scholarships

4. CouponCommunity.com Scholarship program. I’ve never come across a college tuition coupon in the Sunday paper, but this comes close to it. Just share your tips for saving money, using coupons and other resources, and you could ‘clip’ a cool $2,000 off your college bill. Deadline: July 31, 2013.

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University of North Carolina at Greensboro: What are the

The campus is centrally located in town so going off campus to eat out or going to a club is very popular on the weekends. Our school is about 50% women and 50% men, so the dating scene is …

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University of Northern Iowa: What should every freshman at

Additionally, I would advise myself to create a budget, clip coupons, and moniter whether or not my purchases are necessary. A great way to save money is to take advantage of the grab-and-go dining services on campus.

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How to Conquer Your College Freshman Fears Unigo

Be frugal whenever possible by using coupons, searching for sales, and sharing expenses with your roommate. If you receive an overage from financial aid, don’t spend it frivolously. Consider putting it aside for the following semester or in an emergency fund to help cover those unexpected expenses that …

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University of California-Davis: What is your overall

UC Davis is a big school and some people may be put off by that, but the enormity of Davis just provides more room for diversity. The campus is also so large and spread out that most of the time it seems like the school really isnt that big.

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Temple University: Describe a typical weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays are really good for eating off-campus; food on campus during the weekends isn't generally pleasant. Temple also provides all its students with 'Passports'-- books of coupons for things you can do in the city. I try to do that on weekends, too. Also, if you're religious there's tons of opportunities to worship nearby

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University of Missouri-Columbia: What are the most popular

Off campus I go to the Artisan, a coffee house for coffee and talking, mojos for local music, blue fugue for dancing, and the Diner for the Stretch, eggs, hasbrowns, onions and peppers. Dan Dorms are leaning away from the traditional tenement-like, two-to-a-room-with-a-community-bathroom-type dorm, and more towards the extravagant suite style

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Rockhurst University: What should every freshman at your

I kind of blew off the really investigating what college I wanted to go to. I looked at 2 schools and figured I would make it work in the one that gave me the most money to attend. Parents - if at all possible, do not make money a huge factor in where your kids attend there are always loans if …

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Briar Cliff University: What should every freshman at your

Answered by real students. Find the answer to this question plus many other questions about college life at Briar Cliff University.

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Elon University: What are the academics like at your school

Right off the bat I was spending time in the classroom gaining experience in the field. I have heard alum come back and say that Elon prepared them extremely well for their first year of teaching. A lot of the education at Elon is geared towards getting a job, but I think that depends on your major.

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California State University-Stanislaus: What should every

And use coupons, they're real money savers. Do not take time off from school even if you are offered more money at your work because education is the only solution to prospering as a young, independent woman. Each day wake up and be thankful for the opprtunities you have been given. Even though you may doubt that you will be successful as a

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