point of sale advertising, samples, other promotional devices at retail, such as special displays, discount coupons, premiums, special sales, loss-leaders, or tie-in sales. distribution of articles or utensils which may promote the use of breastmilk substitutes. direct or indirect contact with pregnant women or mothers by marketing personnel

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The analysis has also established that most rural households were worse off in 2009 than in 2008, they are, however, still better than they were in 2007. According to the households themselves, the major reasons given for decrease in incomes are lack of proper produce markets and inadequate access to farm inputs such as fertilizer.

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Donate to UNICEF and make a difference UNICEF India

Donate to UNICEF and make a difference. Thanks to people across India who donate money to UNICEF we are able to support better health, nutrition, education and safety for every child. In 2016, Rishita was born two months premature and weighed only 650 grams. After being treated in the SNCU she gained weight and strength and is now a healthy child.

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Marketing Sanitation 4

offers, coupons and vouchers, competitions and prizes, door-to-door sales, credit sponsored by local traders, and mutual help schemes to help the poorest with the cost and the elderly with the digging. Promotion using mass media is most effective when it is well researched, professionally designed, and followed up by other communication

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The beneficiaries all lived in the targeted areas usually within close proximity to the CBO/mobile FC. This figure is the sum of all the targets for structured activities for children and caregivers from the different PCAs. In addition to targets for structured activities, FCs also had targets for once-off activities.

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Riders in the storm: protecting child jockeys in Mongolia

Budgarav’s father, Otgonbaatar, does occasional labouring jobs but horse racing was the family’s main source of income. Now they live on disability benefits and food coupons. The horse trainers gave the family one-off payments of 200,000 Tugriks ($108 USD) …

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