Whole Tobacco Leaves for Sale

Our Philosophy. Total Leaf Supply, LLC, sells the highest quality whole tobacco leaves for all uses including cigars, pipes, and more, at the most competitive prices in the industry. Whether …

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Grabba & Fronto Whole Leaf Tobacco Wholesale

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our product line, or to place a wholesale whole leaf tobacco order. You can talk to us directly at (434) 247-1504, or drop us …

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Pure Leaf Tobacco Blog

Characteristics of Air Cured Tobacco. by Brad Christian | Aug 6, 2021. Air curing is a method of curing tobacco that is relatively simple by definition – air is used to cure the leaves …

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Best Cigar for the Golf Course

Take a few moments to execute the perfect roll and it’s time to load your clubs in the trunk and set off. Choose Total Leaf Supply for Premium Whole Leaf Tobacco. You don’t …

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Benefits of Buying Whole Leaf Tobacco

Our whole tobacco leaves are ideal for wrapping, binding and filling first-rate cigars that you can roll yourself. Contact us today with any questions you have about our …

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Dominican Piloto Solid Leaf Tobacco For Sale

Dominican Piloto Solid Leaf. Like the scent of hot, dry earth after the rain. And just as refreshing. $ 7.25 – $ 60.50. Type: Dark Air Cured. Origin: Dominican Republic. Grade: Piloto Solid Leaf. …

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How Long Should I Age My Freshly Rolled Cigar

An aging cigar should sit for 2-5 years if it is very strong. This will help it to reach its ideal state. The maximum amount of time for aging a cigar is 7-10 years. If you age longer, …

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Cigar Terminology Guide

Cap: A small piece of wrapper leaf over the head of the cigar. Before smoking, this part is clipped off using a cigar cutter. Curing: A process that takes place after cultivation …

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Characteristics of Air Cured Tobacco

In most cases, tobacco that will be air cured is commonly harvested by cutting down the stalk as opposed to trimming off mature leaves. Types of Air Curing Light Air Cured …

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Total Leaf Supply

It’s Saturday morning. You’re up early, finishing off a few light tasks at home, and before you lies a wide-open day with just one commitment – your 10 AM tee time. You’ll don your finest plaid …

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