Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

Today's Bugs and Fish. List of All Bugs, Fish, and Deep Sea Creatures. Encyclopedia Order Bugs, Fish, and Deep Sea Creatures. Fishing Tourney. The Bug Off. Catching Bees and Curing Bee Stings. Deep Sea Diving and Swimming with a Wetsuit.

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Crazy Redd's Paintings and Works of Art

Great Wave off Kanagawa Hokusai "Dynamic Painting" In the fake, Mt. Fuji is very large and takes up most of the space under the wave. If Mt. Fuji is small, it's genuine. Las Meninas Diego Velasquez "Solemn Painting" If the blonde girl is twice as tall as the girl to the left, it's fake. If the blonde girl is close to the same height as the girl

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Going to the Island

You have to pay off this first house loan before you can go to the island resort. Step 2: Talk to Tortimer. After you pay off the loan mentioned in the previous step, the next time you play, Isabelle will introduce Tortimer at the start-up screen. After this, go down to the dock on …

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Custom Furniture from Cyrus

Golden Furniture. There is a golden furniture set that Cyrus can make for you. The golden furniture set consists of the following items: golden bed, golden dresser, golden closet, golden chair, golden couch, golden table, golden clock, golden torch, golden woman statue, golden man statue, golden screen. When you bring Cyrus the required items

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They can get coupons from the newspaper. They aren't as generous when asked for campaign donations. They often turn off the lights to keep bills down. They get positive moodlets from buying things on sale. They get unhappy if they buy an expensive item. Genius

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Catching Bees and Curing Bee Stings

Catching Bees. When you shake an empty tree, listen for the sound of a falling beehive. Your character will react with shock. The bees will fly around the nest for a moment, then they will start chasing you. However, you can try to avoid this by equipping your net first. If you are close enough to the tree, you should be able to shake the tree

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Automatic Bell Dispenser

The Automatic Bell Dispenser, or ABD, is an ATM that is located in the Post Office of your ACNL town. You can deposit bells in your savings account with the ABD. You can also use the ABD to pay off your home loans. In addition, you can get rewards for putting a lot of bells into your savings account, and you earn interest on the bells in your

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Easy Bell Making Guide

Each day, one of the rocks will have bells hidden in it! This is known as the bell rock. To get the bells to come out, just hit the rock with your shovel. When you hit the rock for the the first time and make some bells come out, a time limit begins. If you keep hitting the rock within the time limit, more bells will come out.

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Trees Overview

Palm Trees. To grow palm trees, you have to plant bananas or coconuts on the beach. If you plant bananas or coconuts in the grass, they will wither and not turn into trees. To get bananas and coconuts, visit the island. When you first arrive on the island, you will be in a wooden building. If you go out of this building through the door in the

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