Celebrate vitamins coupon code this morning and found a good (working) coupon code for Celebrate Vitamins. The code is BTV459 and it gives you 10% off your order. Plus if you order $100 they give you free shipping. Just wanted to let you all know

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Celebrate Coupon Code

That was the first thing I ordered myself! Got myself a 90 day supply of those, and 90 days of the two multi vitamins they have. After coupon code right at $100.38. Perfect for the free shipping. Yay.

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25% Off Syntrax

sample pack using code Save25 You will get all 17 Flavors in the Syntrax Nectar Samples Bundle! Apple Ecstasy Caribbean Cooler Crystal Sky Fuzzy Navel Lemon Tea Pink Grapefruit Roadside Lemonade Strawberry Kiwi Twisted Cherry Wild Grape Caramel Macchiato Cappuccino Vanilla Latte Chocolate Truffle

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Not as much fun as I had hoped!!

That's why I hit clearance racks, at least things are pretty much grouped according to size. Often there are additional clearance or coupons off clearance prices;). It took a while. For a while the girls looked like 2 tennis balls in tube socks;) Edited November 20, 2016 by Cheesehead

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My Fage yogurt is expiring! Can I freeze it

With .75 cent off coupons. so I bought all 10 of them for 1.20. Woo hoo. I often eat 2 a day and honestly.. that day isn't some magical date where Friday they are good and Saturday they are bad.. I've had my Fage up to a week past the date with NO issue at all. Sometimes there is a bit more liquid up at the top but I just dump it all into my

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This coupon code is still working for 10% off: BTV459 April 11, 2011; 29 replies Peg. Dawn, Sorry for the delay; I haven't been on for a long time. It took several months for my ulcer to heal; I had poor blood supply to the area, but it did finally resolve. I still take Prilosec every day to …

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fast food/eating out

Applebees- I need to go there some time soon because I have coupons for a free meal because last time I was there, the server spilled someone's beer all over me. They have some good salads. Since I leave off the chicken or shrimp or whatever, it's not much protein for me but I …

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Stalling for 5 weeks now.

Thyroid has been off and they increased meds, but that was at week 5. It should of made a difference by now. I've been on thyroid pills for 17 years. Kroger had a bogo sale a couple of weeks ago and I had coupons so I bought 10 Franks and 10 Ranch dressings!!! Hubby just rolled his eyes

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Restaurants & the best choices

Granted, you don't get to take food home, but for right now, I like the ability to get a variety of tastes, and with coupons, it's cheaper than traditional order-off

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Where to buy samplers of sugar-free syrups

I've read that some of you add sugar-free syrups to protein shakes and other things, and I love that idea. But I don't want to buy a whole bottle of a syrup and find out that I can't stand it. Is there a place where I can get *small* bottles of sugar-free syrups? Like a sample pack? Doesn't matte

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$10 off $20 GNC coupon on RetailMeNot

Yeah I just used it last night and it worked for me, my boyfriend gets his protein shakes from gnc, he uses a mass gainer protein shake, and it is like 85 bucks. but with the gnc card you get like 17 bucks off then the 10 with the coupon, so that was nice! Thank you!

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Only problem with Sobe Zero

I love my Sobe zero. I use it to make my syntrax nectar or add a squirt of mio, or just by itself, BUT 75% of the time I cannot open the bottles by myself. I cant imagine what elderly people do - just skip it probably. Is it just me? And if not, how the blue blazes do you get them open by yourself?

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How to make a shake or smoothie that is not SUPER FOAMY

Also, I have a mustache and the foam getting in there ticks me the he!! off. (I'm sorta just kidding) I have let these concoctions sit for hours and the foam separates a bit, but I wonder how much of my nutrition is in the foam that I am not drinking. There will be 1 - 2 inches of foam on the top that I have to get rid of after letting it sit.

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Just wanted to let you all know that I went on Coupon codes and discounts for 65,000 online stores! this morning and found a good (working) coupon code for Celebrate Vitamins. The code is BTV459 and it gives you 10% off your order. Plus if you order $100 they give you free shipping. Just wanted to let you all know

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Who drinks Powerade Zero

Acme (Albertson's) and another local store are doing 10/10$ and on some of the bottles, there are $1 off the purchase of 3. 21 bottles (quarts) for $14 after the coupons - can't beat it!! McNerd - no calories, no carbs, no sugar alcohols - they are basically flavored waters with potassium, sodium, B3, B6, B12 and Magnesium.

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OT: Anyone ever work at Lane Bryant

The only problem is that they change the line every 6-8 weeks. So you intern would have to buy new clothes every 6-8 weeks. We did get a 40% discount but the cost still adds up. New clothes are expensive at Lane Bryant and even with 40% off full price is a lot to spend so often. If anyone is interested in joining this lawsuit I have the info.

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Sagging Breasts

thanks for posting this. i've thought of it but didn't know if it was too weird. i feel like i need to roll up my breasts before i tuck them into my bra! like many have said, they didn't have stellar breast to begin with. me too. one is bigger than the other, they have been hanging A LOT since I was in my early twenties (i'm 36) but the RNY has just decimated the bulk and doubled the droop.

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Supplement cost

Hey so we are low income. Hoe much do you pay for your supplements on average a month?

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B12 problems

They take paypal too. I have been using them since pre-op for my b12 and will continue to use them. They also have a newsletter where they issue coupon codes from time to time as well. i think if you sign up for the newsletter they send you a coupon code right after signing up for your first purchase.

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My Magic Bullet died :(

You're probably better off just buying a new one. It sounds like you busted the gears. When you get a new one, be sure to just "pulse" it like I described above. Do you have a Bed Bath and Beyond store? They put out 20% coupons nearly every week. By the time you pay shipping, that's probably cheaper than eBay would be.

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What do you buy at Costco or Sam's Club

Like most people, I tend to go to a warehouse store and just wonder the aisleslooking for interesting stuff. Im sure I probably miss a lot of good buys when using this method. So, it would be interesting to know what everybody buys at Costco and/or Sams Club. Personally, Im more familiar with

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What are you eating today

Today has been an off day for me but tomorrow will mark 4 weeks out from revision surgery. B: 4 oz dannon light and fit greek vanilla with a 1/2 scoop unflavored protein powder (24 g protein 7g net carbs) L: 2 oz tuna pureed with 1 tsp of mayo and …

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Ok So I Have A Few Questionsi Am Going To Pureed Foods Next Week And Even Though Before I Didnt Think I Would Be Im Extatic! Does Anyone Know Any Good Pureed Foods..or Good Ways To Puree Them..i Was Also Told I Dont Really Have To Puree Eggs As Long As I Chew Well? Second Question..i Have Been

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Blood Work Back: Low Protein Levels

Im 10 months out. I knew I had been slacking off on following the rules to the letter. I was still losing though, so it was hard to force myself back on track. I was getting tired and am soooo cold. I chalked it up to the change of seasons, lack of sunlight and having lost all my insulation. I di

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I have approximately 1/4 container of Vanilla Crème flavor left that is fresh and in the container and you can have along with the coupons for free, just pay postage. I can dump the contents into a clean Ziploc bag so you don't pay for the big container (8" high and 6" wide round container). I can cut off the label that is left on it if you wan

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Posted January 26, 2006. I don't think there is any artificially sweetened Propel. The advantage of Propel is that it has a light flavor, which I think is especially good after gastric bypass surgery as many people become more sensitive to sweetness. The small amount of sugar in Propel is nothing to worry about.

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Prescription Vitamins

Check the coupon ads for Citracal coupons, or check online, a lot of times, they'll have coupons for them for a buck or two off, and that's helpful. I'm sorry you're going through problems. I know that this vit situations isn't the best way to go, but it's better than nothing, and just make sure your labs are checked regularly

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What is the best Yogurt to eat

Posted July 24, 2009. Phoenixfire said: FAGE (or a greek yogurt) is THE best yogurt out there. It comes in whole milk (full fat), and 0% fat, and I think there's a 2%. FAGE is the highest in protein than any other yogurt I've found. You can add a lot of things to FAGE in order to make it more palatable.

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Christmas ideas/help for a 13 year old girl

I ordered these cool slippers/blanket for my 12 year old daughter and 13 year old niece. Use the code "Softside" when you check out and you get 50% off so don't let the original prices get you when you first start looking. Oobees

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Compression Garments

I am curiousHas anyone ever used the compression garments after surgery? I have seen them for plastic surgery such as tummy tucks and it seems it would help with this surgery as well. I will ask Dr. when I have my pre-op but thought I would ask here

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Im in pre-op diet (and STARVING), and Ive been falling back a lot to Quest bars in lieu of shakes at work because I cant stand the clumps in hand-shaken things. If I have to get a Magic Bullet for work I will, but is there any particular manual shaker that will get those clumps out? I tried the U

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