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New York Real Estate News The Real Deal

By Akiko Matsuda | July 14, 2021 03:00PM. After nine months on the market, Severn Realty Partners’ mixed-use building in the heart of Manhattan’s …

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New York Real Estate News Page 2 of 5667 The Real Deal

By Suzannah Cavanaugh | July 09, 2021 08:00AM. Even as New York celebrates a summer reopened, the city’s housing court, by and large, is still operating with Housing court kills e …

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Jovana Rizzo Author Page 3 of 7 The Real Deal

Condos: $5,000 off for a limited time only. By Jovana Rizzo | November 13, 2008 04:24PM. The condo conversion at 300 East 64th Street is offering coupons to buyers who sign contracts at the

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Mucking out stables in Litchfield The Real Deal

“Back then, you had a lot of owners holed up in the slightly decaying family mansion, clipping coupons,” said Seymour Surnow, a longtime broker for Sotheby’s in Litchfield County.

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This Week in Comments The Real Deal

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal's daily blog: The Donald criticizes the Freedom Tower Friday, November 14: What a joke. He's …

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Bed Bath & Beyond selling real estate to private equity firm

Bed Bath & Beyond will sell about half of its real estate to a private equity firm and then lease back the space, a deal expected to earn the company more than $250 million. The …

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Amazon Whole Foods Blackstone Group LA Freddie Mac

On the flip side, CBL’s pilot program, in which in-store devices interact with mobile apps to offer discounts and coupons to customers, has been moderately successful. [TRD] Highlights from

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Technology Retail Real Estate Macerich Co WithMe Startup

Macerich, for example, wrote off $10 million that it invested in WithMe, a company that promised to bring online sellers into physical retail spaces with pop-up shops, opening in six malls in

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Top Condo Developers NYC Zeckendorf Development Milstein

But that financial bind didn’t scare the Zeckendorfs off. In 1998, after Bill retired, William Lie and Arthur launched their own firm, Zeckendorf Development, with 515 Park Avenue. (And in 1999

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Tax Delinquency on Rise Following 18.5% Hike The Real Deal

New York’s property tax delinquency rate increased by 50 percent last year, according to a new report issued by the city finance department. The number of delinquent Class One parcels at the end

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Real Estate CLOs Blackstone Mortgage Trust CDOs

In December, Blackstone Mortgage Trust issued what it called the biggest post-crisis commercial real estate CLO, at $1 billion. And last month TPG Real Estate Finance Trust, another mortgage REIT

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