Where to Find Online Coupon Codes and Discover Hidden

Search the name of the company and “coupons,” “coupon codes” or “discount codes.” I used the latter when looking for that Western Union code. In the …

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42 Brands That Give You Manufacturer’s Coupons Just for Asking

Coupons for a total of $5 off various Jennie O turkey products. $2 off Glade air fresheners. $1.50 off Cottonelle toilet paper. $1 off Charmin, Clearasil, Gevalia coffee, Hefty trash bags, Swanson chicken broth or Uncle Ben’s rice. 75 cents off Haagen-Dazs. 50 cents off Bounce dryer sheets, Campbell’s soup, Crest toothpaste or Lysol toilet

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How to Earn Money Sharing Online Coupons

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I Tried Extreme Couponing for the First Time. Here’s What

I used a 50-cent-off coupon for laundry detergent priced at $6.99 and a 55-cent-off coupon for toilet paper priced at $9.99 for a transaction that resulted in a 6% savings – a far cry from the 90% bar set on the show.

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How to Start Extreme Couponing: 6 Simple Tips for Beginners

“If you’re off by more than a dollar, something’s off,” Cupler said. Check your receipt against your initial math to learn how to save in the future. If your total is way off, check that the cashier didn’t miss any of your coupons. They are human and sometimes miss one or two!

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How to Save 97% at CVS Without Clipping Coupons: 7 Hacks

These coupons tend to be 20% off your entire order, $5 off a $20 purchase or $3 off a $15 purchase. So when you shop sale items, then use these coupons along with your ECBs, you’ve got potential for huge savings. 7. Stick to Your List. There’s a reason you’ll find such great sales at CVS. Take this popular offer CVS frequently runs as an

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Here’s How to Spot a Common Facebook Scam: Fake Coupons

How to Spot Fake Coupons on Facebook. In July, both Kroger and Dollar General warned customers about fake coupons circulating Facebook. And now, within the last week alone, users have spotted two fake Aldi coupons — one for $10 off and another for a free $30 gift card. So how can you tell the difference between real and fake coupons on Facebook?

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17 Best Bank Promotions of July 2021 (Get Up to $450 Cash)

1. Aspiration Account: $150. Bonus amount: $150 How to get the bonus: To earn your $150, here’s all you need to do: Open your Aspiration account and deposit at least $10. Aspiration will send you a debit card associated with the account. Use the Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 of cumulative transactions within the first 60 days of opening your account.

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We’ll Tell You if $29 Bed Bath & Beyond Membership Is Worth It

Not so sneaky. Thinking of combining that 20% off one item coupon with the 20% off your entire purchase deal? Sadly, you can’t. The membership discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, special offer, price match or discount. Bummer. Also, free shipping doesn’t cover surcharges or overweight items.

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How to Use Amex Offers to Save and Make Money

But first, I waited for a sale on the cat food brand we buy (15% off) and searched for a coupon code online just before placing an order. In this case, I found one for $10 off any Petco purchase of $75 or more. I bought a bunch of food and snacks for our two cats. Here’s the breakdown: Normal Cost: $98.87 ($92.40 + sales tax of $6.47)

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How I Use Free Grocery Coupons to Never Pay for Groceries

My cashier was shocked to see what I pulled off. The original total for my 19 items before I used any coupons was $49.91. Thankfully, I know better than to pay full price. I found 12 deals through ads at coupon matchup sites I used 10 manufacturer coupons totaling $13.00; I used 1 …

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Love Online Shopping

When the big sale comes, the TV drops to $159.99. You search for “Target coupon codes” and find a code good for 5% off electronics. You buy the TV through online (perhaps for in-store delivery) using your gift cards and your coupon code

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18 Ways to Use Harris Teeter Coupons and Specials for Big

The promotion excludes coupons that state “do not double.” 8. Use Competitor Coupons. As long as your coupon is for a dollar amount or percentage off (not for free items), Harris Teeter will accept all local competitor coupons. Stores will accept any grocery store coupons from weekly ads, circulars or direct mailers.

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How I Stacked JCPenney Coupons and Deals to Save 70% in

It’s already 50% off, driving the total price down to $28.94, including shipping. Time to start deal-stacking. Follow these easy steps: Check the online hub for JCPenney coupons. There’s an online-only extra 10% off (15% for JCPenney credit cardholders) valid until April 1. Use the code FUNDEAL at checkout. New price: $25.94

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Having Twins

The outcome: I received a letter of congratulations and coupons worth up to $18 off diapers and wipes. These were dollar value coupons, not percentage off, so you don’t have to spend more to get more! Pampers/Luvs Multiple Birth Program: Pampers Multiple Birth Offer The Procter & Gamble Company P.O. Box 599 Cincinnati, OH 45201. OR. Luvs

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This Which Wich Coupon Code Will Get You $5 of Free Food

4. Apply the Coupon Code. Make sure your order comes out to at least $5, then use coupon code RN6PCPMP to knock $5 off your total during checkout. 5. Enjoy Every Bite of Your Practically Free Food. Because for some reason, food just tastes better when it’s free. That’s it folks! Now go forth and enjoy your custom sandwich creation.

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How to Use Coupons Cost-Effectively: Which Size is the

On the other hand, if you had 20 of those coupons, the math looks like this: Plan A: Buy ten 20-ounce boxes at $2.60 each with ten 50-cent coupons: $21.00 total. Plan B: Buy twenty 10-ounce boxes at $1.40 with twenty 50-cent coupons: $18.00 total. At some point, with enough coupons, you start saving more with the smaller sizes.

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That ALDI Coupon for $100 Off on Facebook

After further investigation, she found more posts with $60-$100 off coupons. In its statement, ALDI explained that it doesn’t offer electronic coupons or gift cards, and they “won’t be accepted at our stores.” ALDI also encouraged users to help spread the word about the fake coupon by sharing the post.

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How Does a Prescription Discount Card Work to Lower

At CVS, you can earn points — called ExtraCare Rewards — that add up to a certain dollar amount off future purchases. Walmart has a list of generic prescriptions that cost $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply. Walgreens and Rite-Aid have their own savings programs where you can get deals on medications.

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Selling Coupons on eBay: A Lucrative Trick for Couponers

20 Winn Dixie coupons for $5 off a $30 purchase. Highest of 14 bids: $10.19; 30 Tide Detergent $1 off coupons. Highest of 13 bids: $7.50; Most auctions were for multiple coupons, so you’ll likely want to stockpile coupons before listing them. More than half of the auctions advertised free shipping, while others charged from $0.49 to $1.25 for

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Save Money

34 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas — On and Off the Strip. 4 Ways to Lower Your Cost of Living — Without Having to Move. 25 Ways to Beat the Heat of a Summer Electric Bill. You Might Never Buy Steak Again Unless You Take These 5 Steps. 6 Amazing Shampoos That Cost Just Pennies Per Wash.

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Coupon Mom: The One Site I Always Check Before I Go Shopping

Coupon Mom’s system requires just an Internet connection, a printer and the coupons from your Sunday paper. Yes, you have to invest about $5 on the weekly paper, but think of the perks. You get the coupons, you stay current on local news and you can reuse newspapers for everything from a cleaning tool to wrapping paper.

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How to Organize Coupons Like a True Expert in 3 Simple Steps One of the biggest couponing sites around, offers printable coupons for useful, everyday items. The only drawback is that you can’t search for a coupon for a particular item; instead, you need to browse through all available coupons in a particular category, looking for one that meets your needs. RetailMeNot

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Why You Should Think Twice Before You Buy Coupons Online

For example, say there’s a coupon for $1 off of a $4.99 six-pack of iced tea. But instead of purchasing the six-pack the coupon is intended for, you use a known “glitch” to redeem the $1-off coupon on a 99-cent bottle of iced tea and essentially get the item for free.

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These 7 Target Deals on School Supplies Will Make Your Week

Add this coupon code at checkout: HANDBAGS20. You’ll save another 20% — $5 off. That code’s good through Aug. 5. Sign up for Target’s RED debit or credit card. It offers 5% cash back on every Target purchase (except prescriptions). Knock another $1 off the price of your backpack. (If you spend $500 shopping for school, that’s $25 cash

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Get a $15 Zappos Coupon Code When You Do This

While other online shopping sites have a new coupon code for 40% off every day (no names to protect the guilty), Zappos keeps a tight lid on its discounts. But all you have to do to get this awesome discount on your next order is join the new Zappos Rewards program.

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If This Store Isn't on Your Radar, You're Probably Wasting

It gives you coupons. From our years of studying coupons over here at The Penny Hoarder, we’ve found these are pretty good deals. We’re not talking about any “buy 10, get one free” shticks or 10-cents off coupons. These are way more robust, like $4 off Venus razors, $3 off Pull-Ups and $3 off Tide laundry detergent.

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All Topics The Penny Hoarder Community

Thankfully, I stayed employed throughout everything, and even managed to pay off all my credit card and student loan debt. But now that the world is opening up and I'm vaccinated, I've definitely finding myself spending more money instead of saving it. I've been going out shopping and visiting with friends and family.

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The CVS Coupon Says 25%, But We Made This Deal Even Better

Take 25% off of anything in the store — and free shipping if you spend $35 or more — with the CVS coupon code SAVE25. Since CVS already offers awesome prices, that’s a pretty great deal. I know I, for one, am ready to re-up on my toiletries. My bathroom is looking pretty bare.

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How to Save Money at Bath & Body Works: 10 Insider Tips

“For example, if your subtotal is $60, you can use two $10 off $30 coupons!” 5. Shop Bath and Body Works Online Samantha Dunscombe – The Penny Hoarder. We’re big advocates of shopping online — it allows you to stack deals and use extra discount codes.

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The Dollar General App Can Save You Hundreds — Even More

You’ll gain access to hundreds of dollars’ worth of coupons, which you click to add to your account. (I found $178 worth of deals at my local store, and my co-worker in D.C. found nearly twice that!) Once you’re in the app, you can claim an extra $5 off $25 coupon, which you can use on Saturdays and renews each week.

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Snag J.C. Penney Coupons for Up to $100 Off -- Here’s How

On Jan. 13-14, J.C. Penney will give away coupons good for $10 off a $10 or more purchase, $20 off a $20 or more purchase or $100 off a $100 or more purchase. This time around, you can choose to sleep in and then head into the store — but, according to J.C. Penney’s Facebook page, you may want to arrive early so you have a better chance at

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Get $20 Off Aldi Delivery Orders of $35 or More in These 3

Shoppers in select areas can save $20 off of their Aldi delivery order of $35 or more using this code. The offer is good through Sept. 30.

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6 Ways to Save Money Without a Zappos Coupon Code

“Many online sites may claim to have coupons or discounts,” the retailer’s website explains. “But the truth is does not offer coupons or promotion codes.” So while you won’t be stacking codes to get 99% off, there are still ways to save big at Zappos. Here are our top six tips for satisfying shoe shopping. 1.

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These 15 Common Couponing Mistakes Could Cost You

Throw away junk food coupons. 3. Not Understanding BOGO Coupons. Many BOGO coupons don’t actually say “buy one, get one free.” Instead, they offer 50% off the second item. So, it’s a simple 25% off coupon — and waiting for a sale might net you bigger savings. BOGO coupons can also tempt you into buying two of something when you only

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Get Beauty Products More Than 25% Off at Target, Today Only

When you’re done shopping, enter coupon code BEAUTY to take 25% off. Now enter coupon code SHINE to save an additional 10%. If your purchase totals $50 or more, enter code TGTGQJV7 to save an additional $5. Pay with your rewards credit card for even more savings.

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Prime Members Can Get a $10 Coupon Just for Downloading

The coupon is good through Aug. 31 and is good for $10 off of any purchase of $20 of products sold by Amazon. The coupon is not eligible for use for digital content, gift cards or goods sold by third party sellers. You do everything else on your phone, right? It’s time to bring Amazon to the party.

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10 Cinco de Mayo Specials to Help You Fiesta on a Budget

Get $10 off a 24-piece catering meal with coupon code 9781, or $20 off a 48-piece catering meal with coupon code 9792. The coupon codes are valid May 4 and May 5, and if you’re a Loco Rewards member, you’ll also receive double points for both offers. 6. Hungry Howie’s

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Stay in Your Car AND Get $10 in Freebies With This CVS

The CVS Coupon Code That Gets You $10 Worth of Stuff. This coupon code is good for new CVS Express customers who want to order items from the web or CVS app, then pick them up through the store’s new curbside service. Visit CVS Express and enter your ZIP code to see if curbside pickup is available in your area. Choose a local store and select

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Don't Skip Dollar General on a Saturday. Here's Why

Here’s how it works: Just download the Dollar General App and sign up for a DG Digital Coupons account. Once you’re in the app, you can claim an extra $5 off $25 coupon that you can use on Saturdays. It renews each week. You can literally buy anything you want. As long as you add the coupon to your account every week, spend $25 on Saturday

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Home The Penny Hoarder Community

maria rose commented: As I got the bankruptcy mark off my credit report, I am planning to continue to eliminate my debt without losing my credit limit level. Chantal Voltaire commented: I want to be debt free . Chantal Voltaire. CV. Cheryl Harris commented: Save $10,000 to use for my move. CH.

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What is Capital One Shopping

Let’s say you’re not shopping on Amazon. Instead you’re shopping online on a different site, like Best Buy or Target. When it’s time to check out, Capital One Shopping automatically searches online for any coupons or promo codes or discounts that it can apply to your order.

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Dear Penny: My Credit Score May Drop Due to COVID-19. Can

Dear T., A lot of people — a lot of very responsible people — are going to be in the situation you describe if this crisis continues for any length of time. People who have faithfully made on-time payments for years will go delinquent. People who …

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Get a $10 Amazon Discount If You Use One of These Credit Cards

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets, we just learned about a quick and easy way you could take $10 off a purchase of $10 or more. All you need is a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom credit card. Add coupon code SWP15CH10S — you should see a $10 credit added to your purchase.

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This $60 Costco Membership Deal Gives You $145 in Freebies

Coupons for Kirkland Signature products: Free 72-count pack of Kirkland Signature AA batteries ($19.99) Free variety 4-pack of Kirkland Signature disinfecting wipes ($9.99) $10 off meat purchase, including beef, chicken, pork or fish (deli items not included). $25 off

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34 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas — On and Off the Strip

Fun Off the Strip. While there’s plenty of action along Las Vegas Boulevard, there’s no shortage of free entertainment off the Strip. 14. Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street Experience is a hub for entertainment, attractions and dining in downtown Las Vegas. Every night starting at 6 p.m., you can enjoy free live music.

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Dollar General vs. Walgreens: Which is Cheaper

How to Get $5 Off $25 at Dollar General. Now, you might be wondering how I unlocked that $5 discount on $25 worth of purchases at Dollar General. It’s easy. All you have to do is download the Dollar General App and sign up for a DG Digital Coupons account. Once you’re in the app, you can claim an extra $5 off $25 coupon that you can use on

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Here are 5 Ways 2021 Will Try to Rip You Off, and 5 Ways

Here are five ways 2021 will try to rip you off — and five ways to fight back. 1. Watch Out for Car Insurance Rate Hikes. Prices don’t normally go down. But in 2020, car insurance companies cut their rates because the market demanded it.

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