MIR & IRC in Retail Market.

Coupons play a key part in product promotion in the retail environment. MIR & IRC promotions are key tools that marketeers use.. MIR also known as Mail-in Redemption is where a coupon (usually a sticker or part of product packaging) can be torn or cut off

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An Easy Guide to Creating Successful Custom In-Pack Promotions

Companies can also provide coupons and vouchers for future purchases – such as ‘10% off next purchase’. This will stimulate first time purchases, repurchases, as well as drive impulse purchase. Engage and Interact: Another way that companies can maximise their Custom In-Pack Promotions is by using QR codes / quick response bar codes. QR

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Flahavan's Redemption Promo

Flahavan’s, an Irish oat product company surprised their customers with an exciting gift redemption promo. Collect specific number of coupons on the Oatlet Packs to redeem attractive promo gifts. Another option would be to send in lesser coupons with a cheque for redemption. Gifts include Kid’s Breakfast Set, LED Reflective Bands & Apron.

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Offer A Free Gift with Purchase To Customers The ODM Group

Here is a fantastic POS display showing off the variety of promotional toys available with purchase. They offer additional purchasing incentive with the use of a redemption gift stamp collecting booklet. $20 HKD will get the customer one stamp, $30HKD two and $40HKD three. These stamps then relate to the type of toy being offered. redemption gift

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Promotional Coins

Functionality of the promotional coins varies depending on the purpose of each marketing campaign: Exchange it and redeem merchandise. Legal Tender accepted in certain countries. Currency only accepted by your brand. Notify people of an upcoming event or competition. Celebrate a new store opening. Trade Show Giveaways. Admission Token to an event.

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Custom Lottery Scratcher Keychain

Like a mini window scraper, the plastic blade rubs off the layer of covering on scratch-off tickets so users can see if they’ve won. It can also be used for SIM cards or any other strong card. This handy custom lottery scratcher is a perfect customer giveaway for casinos, gas stations, and convention booths with gift coupons or other

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Promotional Gifts

Castrol US, the lubricant producer, has a solution. All this year they have been running a promotional gift offer in the US. In order to benefit from the offer you must buy 5 or more quarts of Castrol Edge or Castrol Edge Oil Change. In exchange you receive a free limited edition NFL football . The ball is very stylish and valuable to true

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Take Advantage of the Highly Useful Custom NFC tags

Versatility: Since the NFC is highly versatile, it can cover a wide array of various services and industries. People can have this mode of payment used for coupons, redeeming and collecting reward points, getting updated on expenditures in real-time, booking train tickets, movie passes, reserving restaurant seats, mobile banking, among others.

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Asian Liquor Marketing- Why Have On-Pack Medallion Gifts

Therefore, this means, their on pack promo gift medallion provides information about the product. This is important in affecting customer buying behavior. Liquor Marketing. Sets Products Apart: It is unusual to find a medallion being offered as a custom promotional gift with liquor. Thus, this gets customer attention.

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How Coca-cola attracts customers with promotional gifts

Coca-cola is a well known brand. The chances of people not knowing this brand could be as close as to zero. Coca-cola is a global leader in the beverage industry with many popular brands Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta and many more. Have you ever wondered how Coca-cola coops with so many brands?

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