Homeschool Discounts {Updated}

CollegePrepGenius - Use code EZCLASS - $10.00 off Class Registration, EZSHIP for free shipping on orders $50.00 or more, and EZOFF to get "15 Secrets to Free College" eBook for a penny ($9.95 value) - Use promo code "homeschoolmom" to get 50 free minutes of online tutoring. You will also receive 10% off any purchases made within 3

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Homeschooling Freebies

Specialized, no-scare methods are included for each age group. Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition (T) Homeschool Tracker is a free software program for homeschoolers to track assignments, grades, attendance, and more. It is fully customizable for your students, your resources, and your subjects.

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A Real Mom's Homeschool

Take everything you might need onto the bed (including the popcorn!) and pretend to be on a boat surrounded by sharks. Provide a pathway of socks that become tiny islands to step on for getting to the bathroom. 7. "Mini" Mega-Cooking. The days I cook a few extra meals to put in the freezer are a blessing.

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Ideas for Celebrating a Homeschooling Mom on Mother's Day

Make her some coupons. These coupons are for things that family members will do for her, such as clean part of the house, give her a night off, or breakfast in bed. These can be made by hand, or printed from online templates. Create handmade flowers. Flowers can be bought, of course, but that doesn’t involve any learning or creativity!

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Printable Homeschool & Household Planner Pages

When your Planner is open on your desk, the Weekly Planner page will be on the right, with the Menu Planner and Grocery List on the left. The pages are all designed to fit in a standard 8 1/2" x 11" three ring binder. If you print the pages double-sided, your clip-off grocery list will be on the back of last week's To Do list.

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My Father's World Reviews

June 7, 2015. Pros: Value, fun, laid out for you, easy to tailor it. Cons: Science not my favorite. Grades Used: K and 1st. We love My Fathers World! It has made homeschooling easy and fun for all of us. A lot of times I hear people say the MFW K is too light. I couldn't disagree more.

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Teaching Textbooks™ Reviews

Teaching Textbooks™ is a math curriculum based on 3 easy steps: watch the lesson, do the problems, and watch a tutor explain the ones you missed. Teaching Textbooks™ were designed specifically for independent learners (they focus on teaching/explanations). From the website: A Teaching Textbook™, with its approximately 700 pages of text and 120 - 160 Continue reading »

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Alpha Omega Monarch Reviews

Alpha Omega Monarch Review by None. March 11, 2020. Pros: Fits every child's cirriculum and has over 2000+ assignments for every grade. Cons: None except for timing you out for taking too long (in my opinion thats a good thing, though.) Grades Used: 5. Monarch is a great program and it has over 2000+ assignments for each grade and It picks the

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