Discount codes: do they really save you money

Exclusive codes include: 5% discount off Green & Blacks chocolate gifts online; 10% off when spending £20 or more online at Avon (expires 31 March); 10% off when spending over £25 at Interflora.

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Online discount vouchers increasing in popularity, …

Consumers are turning to online money-off vouchers to save on travel, days out, entertainment and eating out Rebecca Smithers Wed 16 Jun 2010 09.23 EDT First published on Wed 16 Jun 2010 09.23 EDT

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Keep the change: Domino’s offers $3 tips if you pick up …

The $3 coupon code can be claimed by carryout customers who order online between now and 22 May 2022. Customers can then apply the code to an online carryout order placed the following week with a

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Lost My Name: Save 20% on beautifully illustrated …

In books by Lost My Name, you can take children on a marvellous adventure based on the letters of their name. Guardian Extra members can save 20% on the cost of these magical books until 6 July

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Football punditry is more detailed than ever but it still …

Guardian readers can claim 20% off both the print and digital formats of the Best of the First Five Years, a collection of the best contributions from The Blizzard. Use coupon code GSNBEST at the

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Why Tesco's Fresh & Easy turned Americans off

Wed 5 Dec 2012 12.38 EST. From the start Fresh & Easy bewildered and frustrated the pragmatic American grocery shopper who is already spoiled for choice. Even the name was an obstacle. "Sounds

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Ready to spend $18,000

No, you're not related to Charlemagne. But it's tempting to check. Photograph: Archivo Iconografico/Corbis Photograph: Archivo Iconografico, S.A./CORBIS

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US police officer breaks up confrontation with dance-off …

A video has gone viral of a teenage girl dropping the beat dancing with ‘the heat’ – a Washington DC police officer who dispersed a crowd of fighting teenagers by challenging one to …

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Trump's 'spy' comments are not far off from real US …

Coupons Guardian Puzzles app US Elections 2020 World Environment they are actually not that far off from official justice department policy when dealing with whistleblowers who go to the press

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Shipwreck found off North Carolina coast probably dates to civil …

A shipwreck discovered off the coast of North Carolina suspected to be the civil-war era Agnes E Fry. Photograph: North Carolina Department of Nat/Reuters R e u t e r s i n W i n s t o n - S a l e m

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Tesco to accept Sainsbury's Brand Match money-off vouchers

Supermarket says its customers will be able to use coupons for up to two months after Sainsbury’s ends its promotion Rupert Jones Mon 11 Apr 2016 09.51 EDT Last modified on Sat 2 Dec 2017 12.58 EST

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My family will pay off your loans, billionaire tells graduating

Robert Smith, a billionaire investor, surprises students at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, by using his speech at a commencement ceremony to pledge to wipe the debts of the 2019 class

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French police cordon off area after man rams car into students – …

French police have sealed off an area of Blagnac, near Toulouse, on Friday evening after a man deliberately ran his car into a group of students outside a high school, injuring three people, two

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Why the American dream feels further off than ever for millennials

Half of all millennials today think the American dream is dead. No surprise, when the country’s implicit message is: “Go to school, work hard, and you might be able to …

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Poorest 30% of UK households 'worse off by £50 to £150' last year

Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo. Britain’s poorest 30% of households saw an end to their post financial crash recovery last year as inflation and …

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Cut off by telecoms company, pensioner missed call as partner …

Cut off by telecoms company, pensioner missed call as partner died of Covid-19 Blunder by Now TV left 79-year-old woman without landline for …

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Hillary Clinton shows off Russian hat in jab at Donald Trump – …

Hillary Clinton takes swipe at US president over alleged Russian election interference during a graduation speech at Yale

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NBN Co told to forget about recouping investment and focus on …

Telstra has made a submission to NBN Co’s wholesale pricing review arguing that the bandwidth charge should be removed entirely, and the price of the 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans be cut to $35 and

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