The Daily Wire Decides to Abandon Lawless Los Angeles

The Daily Wire is moving to Nashville, with one of the founders citing lawlessness in Los Angeles as one reason.. The conservative media outlet is moving from Los Angeles, Deadline reported Tuesday. The Daily Wire’s 75 employees are being given a deadline of October 1 to decide whether to move, Deadline said, quoting Jeremy Boreing, one of the founders.

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The Story of How Halo Top Ice Cream

Since Halo Top also tastes great, something no other diet ice cream has pulled off, consumers are actually eating a pint of this ice cream every day. But since the calories are so low, they needn’t feel guilty for eating an entire container in one sitting. In fact, its packaging encourages you to “stop when you hit the bottom.”

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Six Every Day Things Millennials Can Do to Save Money

Find coupons online or in your local newspaper, and download rewards apps like Drop or Dosh. These apps will give you cash back or points to redeem for gift cards. An important tip to remember before you grab groceries: Never shop hungry, or you’ll be tempted to buy junk food. Also, don’t eat out; plan your meals ahead of time. Clothes

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Analysis: The Establishment War on the Intellectual Dark

It’s not a big leap anymore from coupons and “rewards” programs to corporate cyber coins showered on activist customers with high social credit scores. The Intellectual Dark Web shouldn’t be dark at all. The information, the commentary, and the debates on the IDW are on the most important issues of the 21st century.

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Commentary: Under Your Pillow, Inside Your Closet, We

It is so appropriate that Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow — ♪ for the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world, it’s my pillow dot com ♪ — is the latest prominent person to come out yet again, even post January 6, for Donald Trump. Although I disagree vehemently with the “martial law” stuff and although Donald Trump decidedly is not my hero — my late wife Ellen of

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