How To Take Off Keyboard Keys (Beginner's Guide)

WebHere’s how you can use your hand to take off the keyboard keys the right way: Place your index finger to the left and thumb to the right of a key you wish to …

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How to Reattach a Keyboard Key That Fell Off

WebFirst of all, check if the keycap is broken. Mainly, check the back side to ensure the connectors are fine. Secondly, if the retainer clip has come off, see for …

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How To Move A Window That Is Off-screen

WebUsing the Shortcut Key. You can easily recover your off-screen window and move it with a shortcut. Here’s how and what shortcut to use. Find the application/folder …

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Monitor’s Display Cut Off On The Edges

WebExpand the Monitors dropdown and select your device. Next, right-click on it and select Update driver. Then, select the Search automatically for drivers option to …

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Link State Power Management

WebFollow these steps to learn how you can turn it on / off: Hit Windows Key + I, Settings > System. Under Power & Sleep option, click on Additional power settings. Click …

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Monitor Keeps Turning Off And On

WebIn this case, the monitor’s screen may turn off and on. To fix this, try updating the Windows to the latest version. Press the Windows + I key to open Settings. Go to …

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How To Turn Off RGB Keyboard

WebTry pressing that button simultaneously along with the Fn button. Pressing the button while the backlight is lit, turns off the backlight. Pressing it again lights a dimmer …

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How to Turn Off Message Preview on iPhone

WebHere are the steps to turn it off. Open Settings. Scroll down and Click on the messaging apps that you want to turn off the Message Preview. Click on Notifications. …

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How to Use USB Ports on Monitor

WebHowever, with USB-C supporting Alt-mode, you can also use the USB-C ports on your monitor to daisy chain the displays. You will need monitors with two USC-C ports …

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What is Mouse Smoothing

WebType main.cpl and press Enter to open Mouse Properties. Go to the Pointer Options tab. Under Motion, disable Enhance pointer precision. Click on Apply, then OK. …

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How to Turn off Tablet Mode on Windows

WebClick/Tap the Start Menu icon in the bottom left corner and select the gear icon above it to launch the Settings app. Click the System option. Now, in the left …

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How to Fix “Wireless Capability Is Turned Off” in Windows

WebTo perform the power cycle, Switch off your PC and unplug all peripherals. Remove the laptop battery, if it’s removable as well as the power cords. Press and hold …

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Airplane Mode Won't Turn Off

WebKeyboard shortcuts to turn on/off airplane mode will differ according to the laptop brand. First, try to find a keyboard key with a radio signal or airplane icon. Some …

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What Is USB Selective Suspend Setting

WebPress Win + R to open Run. Enter powercfg.cpl to open the Control Panel’s Power Options. Select Change plan settings for your selected power plan. Click on …

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How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Microsoft Teams

WebWays to Check Seen Notification in Teams. First, users need to enable the Read receipts option in Teams to be able to check the seen notification.You can follow …

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What is Triple Buffering

WebFor triple-A titles, you can turn it on. You should also use V-sync or Free-Sync for better performance. But, consider enabling triple buffering only if you have a …

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How Can I Play Youtube With Screen Off (Android and iPhone)

WebJust follow these simple steps to play YouTube with the screen off: Open Google Chrome or Firefox on your phone. Search for on the address bar …

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How to Know if Someone Turned Off Their Location on iPhone

WebTurn on Find My iPhone and Share My Location. You can also turn on the Find My iPhone and Share My Location option for Find My app from the Settings to …

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