(Retailer coupons that reduce the sales price). In this case, the manufacturer is the retailer and is selling the product at a discounted price to the distributor / purchaser. However, the retailer’s coupon is not analogous to the present case in some respects. The discount here occurs, if at all, only after the initial sale to the distributor.

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Retailers may accept coupons from their customers for a reduction in the amount paid by the customer. For tax purposes, coupons are classified as either manufacturer's coupons or store coupons. A manufacturer's coupon is issued by the manufacturer and allows the customer a reduction in the sales price of the product upon presentation of the

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Department of Commerce’s National 102.7(a)(3) defines

household to receive two coupons that are each good for up to $40 off the purchase of a television converter box. As an example, you state that a converter costing $59.99 would only cost $19.99 to the ultimate purchaser. Your question is whether the coupon reduces the taxable base of the converter.

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Geographic Information System (GIS) Look up sales and use tax rates by address or map location. Look Up Rates. GIS Info

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