Promotion Extensions: Leverage Discounts In Google Ads

In the above example, the ecommerce store did just that by offering 30% off on all its products. You’ll notice that the promotion is also in one of the headlines of the ad. It helps to grab the attention. As a plus, the store included a coupon code to claim the discount. Product Categories

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How to get the first 50 customers for your online store

There is already a lot of advice out there: follow theses 5 steps to rank #1 in Google or 3 ways to get Facebook likes. But it’s not always easy to turn that advice into something you can use for your store. That’s why I found 15 online store owners that were willing to …

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How Does Google Ads Work

Over time organic search has been killed off and replaced with paid search made to increasing look like organic search results. Google offer adwords coupons of USD 100 all over the internet because it costs them next to nothing and that is what you get, nothing.

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Building From Scratch

Building From Scratch February 18 Update. Last Updated on March 14, 2018. February marks month #6 for Apes in Space, the online store I started to sell space posters. And finally, after 5 months of making a tiny amount progress, I scored my first win. It turned out to be an insight from a (failed) Facebook ad campaign from a few months back

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