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Michigan Law Welcome to the Michigan Law section of FindLaw's State Law collection. This section contains user-friendly summaries of Michigan laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Michigan's official online statutes.Please select a topic from the list below to get started.

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California Forgery and Counterfeiting Laws

Forgery may result in a misdemeanor sentence of imprisonment in county jail for a term of up to one year. However, California state laws also permit the state to consider felony sentencing of imprisonment for sixteen months, two years, or three years. California punishes felony counterfeiting with a term of imprisonment lasting two to four years.

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Pennsylvania Tax Laws

While no one enjoys paying taxes, it is a trade-off that allows the state as a whole to provide essential services and maintain order. Pennsylvania sales tax is six percent and beer tax is $2.48 per barrel--just to name a few. Click on a link below to learn more about Pennsylvania tax laws.

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New Jersey Forgery and Counterfeiting Laws

The offense of counterfeiting is considered a type of forgery since it pertains to creating a false version of something and attempting to pass it off as legitimate. Many of the more serious offenses involve currency, but the counterfeiting of other entities such as securities or retail merchandise and other goods are also serious offenses.

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Vaping and E-Cigarette Laws by State

Vaping and e-cigarette laws vary by state and can change year by year. Keep up-to-date on e-cig laws with Findlaw's page on nicotine and tobacco device regulations. Learn about age limits and other rules to stay legal when vaping or buying nicotine products.

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