How do you make a website that accepts coupon codes …

I want to add utility to an NFT and I want to package a coupon code with the NFT that can be entered into a website that will verify the code and send the coin to the bearer's wallet? thanks in adv

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Get coupon data from WooCommerce orders

Update 2. First you can't access anymore WC objects properties since WooCommerce 3. You should now use WC_Coupon getter methods to get coupon details from the WC_Coupon Object instance…. In your case you have to use get_discount_type() method or is_type( 'cash_back_fixed' ) method …. Here is the way to do it:

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Magento Coupon code with 100% free in entire whole cart

Magento Coupon code with 100% free in entire whole cart. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 6 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times 0 I need a coupon whith 100% free in entire cart, how I can create it via admin or programatically? If everything is 100% off then that's all you need. Leave everything else blank.

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HTML\CSS Coupon Script

Does anyone know how to create a coupon (printable is even better) with HTML & CSS? Forgive the horribly simple question, I don't do much of any web development :) Thanks in advance. EDIT: ED

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How to create a coupon code in magento that will apply a

I want to implement a coupon code which will give the user 20% Off on their shopping cart if the value of the discount is less than 500. e.g. Total Cart Value is 10000 20% coupon code applied would give a discount of 2000 However the maximum discount that should be given is only 500.

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How to create a coupon on specific product or category in

I am using Magento ver. Let's say I have 20% off coupon code. This coupon is applicable only to Product B A customer have in its cart : Product A Product B Product C I …

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Magento : how to get the coupon code percent-off amount in

I'm using Magento 1.5.1 and I try to show the total of the cart in the sidebar cart like the checkout/cart page. I'd like to show the coupon code percent amount if only a coupon has been applied.

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Magento Promotion Rule Coupon Code is not Valid

These are the parameters I have used: RULE INFORMATION General Information Rule Name *: 10% Off Description: 10% Off Status *: Active Websites *: ALL selected Customer Groups *: ALL selected Coupon *: Specific Coupon Coupon Code *: coupon01 Uses per Coupon: 100 Uses per Customer: 1 From Date: 05/04/2013 To Date: 05/04/2015 Priority: …

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How to create coupon using chargify API

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How to split a value to be two records in python without

1. In order to disentangle the entries in this CSV, you have to find the characters that delimit the values and split the string accordingly. As the format is quite strange with two entries separated by " ~ " in some cases, you'd have to do it manually: line = "T000003155 ~ E000005182|Net Spend - $800 Enjoy $80 off ~ Net Spend $2000 Enjoy 15%

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