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Microsoft Office 365 Licence Key Scratched off

Some of the Key has been scratched off while scratching the grey stuff to get to the key. Anyone have any idea how to retrieve the Key as the store it was purchased from wasn't that helpful. Cheers. local_offer Tagged Items; microsoft; Office 365 star 3.9; Spice (2) Reply (3) flag Report.

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System shutdown with reason code: 0x500ff

"The process C:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe (Computername)has initiated the power off of computer computername on behalf of user Domainname\username for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found. Reason Code: 0x500ff. Shutdown Type: power off. Comment: a little google search bring up the below page with not much details.

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[SOLVED] PC falling off domain

Just for future reference, you don't have to logon locally and disjoin and then reboot and rejoin the domain. Pull the patch cable/disable the wifi adapter, log on with your desktop admin account, disjoin from the domain with account as;fjkasdl;fj and password adkjfasdf, plug the patch cable back in, rejoin the domain.

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Windows Activation key recovery from damaged sticker

First Off it is not a scratch off, Microsoft says it is a peel off sticker. Second, STOP telling people to go back where they bought it!!! You are asking them to try and return something they broke or defaced which means no returns, besides Microsoft will not take it back from the retailer either. You did not buy it blurred or unreadable, you

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VMware: VMs switched off by themselves

VMware: VMs switched off by themselves. Posted by Peter3168 on Jul 24th, 2011 at 10:15 PM. VMware. Heres a crazy one for you all. Over the last 2 years I have virtualised almost all of our company's servers. The most recent addition is a 2nd Dell Poweredge r710. I installed ESXi 4.1.0.

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[SOLVED] Microsoft Surface Shutdown Issues

The problem is that randomly when the machine shuts down (it only seems to happen once or twice a week) it enters into a sleep like state where the Surface is still running but there is no video (the screen is just black). You can hear the fans still running and if you hold the power button for a little while to force a shutdown, then hit the

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stop Windows 10 from logging out

Settings, Personalization, Lock Screen, Screensaver Settings, uncheck "On resume display logon screen". Check Windows 10 Settings>Accounts>Sign-in Options and there should be an option that says "Require Sign-In". Click the drop box below it and select Never. The above fixed things.

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Remote Desktop kicking current user off

It also does a countdown on the logged in user side saying your going to get kicked off, unless you cancel the incoming connection. Both sides should know the other one is there without anyone getting kicked off. Client OS's are only 1 RDP connection at a time. The host PC needs separate login creds for each user.

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Can I know for sure who restarted or shutdown the …

General Windows. Hello there, one of my servers restarted yesterday, I checked the even viewer and found the following two event. The process Explorer.EXE has initiated the shutdown of computer COMP1 on behalf of user DOM12\user123 for the following reason: Other (Unplanned) Reason Code: 0x5000000. Shutdown Type: shutdown.

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how to protect source code in a small software …

Aug 31st, 2017 at 11:10 AM. TortoiseSVN is a popular versioning repository and is completely free and will give you some control over your software. It will allow your devs to check their code in and out and keep track of different versions and I believe it can be integrated with Visual Studio. Spice (1) flag Report.

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Windows Defender Firewall off but Blocking

We turn off Windows Firewall (Win 10 and 7) via GPO. The Domain Network is turned off, but we leave on Private and Public. We had an issue where some Domain computers, connected to our Domain, were having trouble using Skype for Business. The company hosting the Skype meetings had us check off Skype in the Firewall Inbound rules to allow that

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How do you get your desktops off the floor

Fasten the upside down tower to the underside of the desk with screws/bolts, passing through the holes that usually hold the small plastic stands. Might have to also place any CD/DVD drive upside down, but if there's enough underneath space and the desk can stand it, would come out "cheap and dirty".

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[SOLVED] Turn On/Off Second Display at will

Turn On/Off Second Display at will. We have just put in a computer at our reception desk. The idea of this PC is to show customers information when they come to reception. At the moment - staff are setting up the PC with the info needed - and they then turn the PC around so that the customer can see it. Needless to say - its not working well.

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Windows 2012 server time is off by 4minutes

Windows 2012 server time is off by 4minutes. got a call from a client earlier that the server time is off by 4 minutes and this happens all few months. because the time is off the attached device is not working which tracks when people come and go. After the call I changed the time manually but after a couple hours the time corrected itself

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