i have received the box but am unclear how to obtain the

You will enter the code in the promotion box before making your payment. Feel free to call us here with questions. 1-800-845-7986. There should be a card included with the 20% off coupon code. When they receive your tapes/photos they will email you a code to input at checkout. There should have been a card with your box of shipping material

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LP Coupon Reviews

First time buy coupons, percent off coupons, free shipping coupons. They target any and all websites by using the web sites names but leaving off the ending: like. Com or. Org so the coupon offers appear to be associated with a web site and look legit, but are totally not valid and the websites have no knowledge of these promos because they don

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where is the offer for $100 off if you spend $100 on

I got 40 % off coupon for walmart and bought 40 $ cat food. I got 0.8 $ back, wonder what happened? I used 40 % off walmart coupon and order about 40 $ worth of cat food., but I get 0.8 $ back, wonder what happen; What does it mean that I get $100 for an order of $100 or more at Walmart? does it cost anything for coupon cabin?

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Search Promo Codes Reviews

Search Promo Codes has a consumer rating of 4.43 stars from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Search Promo Codes ranks 159th among Coupons sites. View ratings trends. See all photos.

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The BonTon offer of 75% off sounded great but I knew it was fishy when I received the coupon code: "FREESHIP". Sure enough I did not get 75% off, and did not need the coupon since my purchase warranted free shipping.

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is the $100 cash back coupon really real

where is the offer for $100 off if you spend $100 on Amazon? I got 40 % off coupon for walmart and bought 40 $ cat food. I got 0.8 $ back, wonder what happened? I used 40 % off walmart coupon and order about 40 $ worth of cat food., but I get 0.8 $ back, wonder what happen; What does it mean that I get $100 for an order of $100 or more at Walmart?

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98 reviews for, 1.4 stars: 'This was the best grocery list app ever. Accessed the internet looking for you item and added it to favorites. Easy to manage. Used the coupons also. They took the app down from the Apple App Store. I complained through their customer support and have not gotten an answer. Which I could buy the app and put it back up. Stupid move'

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I attempted to order 2 books from IdentityDirect yesterday. I had a 20% off coupon code that expired that day (10/31/11). The page that requested the coupon code indicated that it was accepted and showed my 20% discount being taken. However, on my "order review" page, the coupon was missing and I was being charged full price.

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LocalFlavor Reviews

109 reviews for LocalFlavor, 1.3 stars: 'I purchased a coupon that was newly being advertised for a restaurant near me. Went to use it 2 days later was told they will not honor it I should contact local flavor. I called customer service only to get a recording, then wrote 2 emails waited several day for a response just to receive a very nasty reply from a Jackie K. Basically telling me I was

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Factory Authorized Outlet Reviews

I ordered a 20 volt cordless hognose. I got free shipping, I also ended up getting $10 off the price of the hog-nose saw. Shipping was a little slow, but it was free and it did show up in 8 days.The item showed up in good condition packed in the factory box. They also have competitive pricing.

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123 Reg website builder Reviews

1 review for 123 Reg website builder, 1.0 stars: 'My suspicions went up when i receive an automated coupon code that was copied and ready to paste upon checkout, and then there is no way to apply it. The web site had special instructions to get your percentage off after you place your order. There was written information about the email address to contact. I foolishly fell for it and placed

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ProPlants Reviews

I found a happy easter basket for only $29.95 and 20% off using their coupon code. I am so happy I found this website and I heard of them because someone recently sent us an easter basket from one of the other sites that work with proplants called I will also review their other site as my kids loved that easter basket.

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Casetify Reviews

They will take that entire coupon code off a single item you are returning instead of dividing it amongst all of the items in your order. So basically you put in a code for 20$ off your order of 3 cases and want to return a single case and they take the entire $20 off that case. Never heard of such a thing. Ridiculous and shameful practices.

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TeeOff Reviews

TeeOff has a consumer rating of 1.16 stars from 55 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about TeeOff most frequently mention customer service, gift card and promo code problems. TeeOff …

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CouponCabin Reviews

CouponCabin has a consumer rating of 4.68 stars from 1,570 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with CouponCabin most frequently mention customer service, gift card and online shopping. CouponCabin ranks 2nd among Coupons

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SakRoots Reviews

I chose a Sakroots bag over another brand because Sakroots was offering a coupon code for 15% off. The coupon was applied to my cart, but at the final step of checkout, the system automatically removed the code and finalized the order at the retail price, with no confirmation screen or input from me.

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TeeShirtPalace Reviews

Get 10% Off total order with coupon code TEN10. Save Now. Sitejabber for Business. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Start free account. About the business. Shop tons of Unique & Novelty Funny T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Accessories, Kids & Women's Clothing. Find licensed brands from Superman, Batman, and.

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Plus they told me if I return it they will take $5 off my refund for the free postage I received when ordering. They also offered me a 20% off coupon. Code on my next order and told me I could donate the one I paid for. I sure would not order anything else from them and take a chance that it didnt fit again. I put a negative comment on their

Category:  coupon codes Go Coupon Reviews has a consumer rating of 4.9 stars from 8,496 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with most frequently mention free shipping, google search and discount code. ranks 129th among Coupons sites.

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OutletSale Reviews

Outletsale had the lowest price on black friday and a coupon code for 20% off for the 15pc Metallic Purple Berlinger Haus Pots and pans set. Also only one other company sells these sets in the US and their prices are much higher.

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SANRIO Reviews

Sanrio's resolution is that customers impacted by this issue will eventually be getting what's left in stock from their orders for free, and a 40% off coupon code via email (those of us impacted were contacted about this a while back). (Edit 6/24/20: The coupon was non-functioning and did not work.)

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Mpix Reviews

Mpix has a consumer rating of 3.55 stars from 100 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Mpix ranks 19th among Photo Printing sites. Shipping 8. Quality 8. Positive reviews (last 12 months): 75%.

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The Pros and Cons of Daily Deals, Groupon Further Explained

How Do 24-Hour Coupons Work? Short-duration coupons offer consumers the chance to purchase products and services at huge discounts, typically around 50% off regular prices. In order to take advantage of these 24 hour sales, shoppers must join a coupon

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CouponMom Reviews

9 reviews for CouponMom, 3.1 stars: 'You can find good coupons but the prices and coupons and discounts ate soooooo off it's not worth the time. She does claim different areas have different price but a $3 difference is a lot and not just stores. Her Ibotta and other app listing discounts are wayyy off.'

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Show Me The Coupon Reviews

7 reviews for Show Me The Coupon, 5.0 stars: 'I only recently discovered Promocode4Share and it's already in my bookmarks cause its so convenient. They have coupons for everything, so when I'm shopping around I'll always check Promocode4Share before i complete my purchase. Really convenient and reliable! I can't think of anything else I'd want in a coupon site. Check it out before you buy online!'

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Stylevana Reviews

4 reviews for Stylevana, 3.0 stars: 'Update: It's been over 2 months since I ordered, they dropped an item off my order claiming it's out of stock and they supposedly have no clue when it will be back then a few days later they said the other items in my order were out of stock and will be back 6 days ago. I have emailed them several times and they refuse to answer me at all. Their customer

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Shutterfly Reviews

Even with 40% off coupons they are still more expensive than their competitors. Don't even get me started on all the add-ons. My photo book ended up being 10+ items. By the time I realized how they nickle & dime you I had too much time invested. Sadly I would not …

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HOTT Exhaust Reviews

HOTT Exhaust has a consumer rating of 4.78 stars from 4,764 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with HOTT Exhaust most frequently mention customer service, free shipping and catalytic converter. HOTT Exhaust ranks 9th among Auto Parts sites. Positive reviews (last 12 months

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LeatherUp Reviews

70,857 reviews for LeatherUp, 4.7 stars: 'I have been using LeatherUp for years. Today I ordered boots. I used PayPal and paid then remember that I forgot to use the coupon code. So, I emailed them. Then I thought, the coupon code ends today so I should call and ask them if they could refund me the coupon amount. To my surprise he said. "Ma'am, it looks like we've already done it …

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IdealFit Reviews

128,339 reviews for IdealFit, 4.8 stars: 'It took almost a month to get here and tracking information wasn't updating. The back part of the lid on the shaker doesn't close all the way, so a lot of force is required to prevent making a mess. The caramel moca flavor, isn't good. It has a strong aftertaste, I'm assuming it's from the artificial sweetener. Halfway into using the powder, I found

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FansEdge Reviews

I ordered 3 hats and the coupon code said " 20% off with Free Shipping " then the cart total was correct but once I placed order and looked at receipt it charged 9$ plus 1.99 handling fee! Trying to get ahold of them and it's all automated! And don't try and say that there was an option. There wasn't.

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CreamiiCandy Reviews

CreamiiCandy has a consumer rating of 4.29 stars from 163 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with CreamiiCandy most frequently mention customer service, free shipping and licensed squishies. CreamiiCandy ranks 2nd among Candy sites. Service 22. Value 23. Shipping 22. Returns 16.

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Johnsonville Sausage Reviews

1 review for Johnsonville Sausage, 4.0 stars: 'As a Brit in America one of the first things I discovered, food-wise, was that there's a very American English vocabulary when it comes to the noble sausage. For a start, where I come from a 'brat' is an irritating and possibly destructive child and a link is something in a watch strap or necklace. Here, a link is a sort of sausage and a brat is a

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Hobby Lobby Reviews

Many of the items I purchased have been by using the 40% off coupon. By discontinuing the 40% off coupon you have taken away my incentive to go out of my way and shop Hobby Lobby. There are several other craft stores closer to my home to shop at. As far as I am concerned your decision to do away with the 40% off coupons is a bad one.

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Aliwigs Reviews

The wig i received is good, but when i placed the order, I forgot to use the coupon code 5$ off. I asked the customer service how to work on this. He gave me two options, I chose the second one: I can choose one capless synthetic wig that I like, and only pay 20$. Just now i received the discounted item, and found it's fine too.

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Covers & All Reviews

3,017 reviews for Covers & All, 4.7 stars: 'Received my replacement covers within 5 days of expected delivery date with expedited shipping. I am quite happy with the product. Quality construction, far better then the original covers, trendy light grey fabric and great workmanship. The cost was also far better then any other option I found. Order to my door in 3 weeks. I will definitely order

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Haircurltool Reviews

3 reviews for Haircurltool, 3.3 stars: 'I bought one Babyliss curl secret 2th Feb from and I got an confirmation letter in the same day stating I have paid the order and said I would get my curler 3-5 working days later. But 5days past, I got nothing, I sent them and email and be told that because of out of stock, I needed to wait 3 days then they would ship out to me. And the

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Curtain & Bath Outlet Reviews

28 reviews for Curtain & Bath Outlet, 2.9 stars: 'Bought 2 quilts and curtains all have defects and could not return because if COVID19. Extremely poor quality sold as new. One quilt was pieced together and can see seam. Other quilt seam is partially unsewn and even has little tears with rust like color on edge like it for stuck in machine. They should mark as irregulars. No sold as new on

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DealsPlus Reviews

15 reviews for DealsPlus, 2.5 stars: 'Another GREAT place to find deal of the day items and coupon/promo codes for online retailers-will also email you with specific retailers deals or items you want when a deal becomes available. ONE OF THE BEST!'

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Trendboutique Reviews

1 review for Trendboutique, 1.0 stars: 'They have no actual store and when you call their "Customer Service" phone number it's disconnected and no information is available. No response from Customer Service email either. I had a coupon code for 70% off their "Moving Sale" and I have ordered from them twice (you'd think I would learn my lesson) - both times jewelry items that I was purchasing

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Casa Gear Reviews

128 reviews for Casa Gear, 4.4 stars: 'I've done a lot of shopping at Casagear and it is basically the only place I really shop for home decor & furniture. They have a wonderful collection of products, very helpful customer service and I'm glad they're there. And they stand behind their product and if there is a problem, they fix it. I have complete confidence in them when I shop there. I don

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DiamondCandles Reviews

15 reviews for DiamondCandles, 3.0 stars: 'Last year I order candles and they got lost and website messed up what I ordered they didn't refund me didn't give me what I ordered. The women in my family love these so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ordered this year again. Guess what happen. Same thing got lost noone knows where or when it shipped. I've been ordering these for 10 years

Category:  coupon codes Go Coupon Reviews has a consumer rating of 4.8 stars from 15,220 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. ranks 24th among Radio sites. Positive reviews (last 12 months): 96.8%. Positive.

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A4C Reviews

31 reviews for A4C, 1.7 stars: 'My husband had ordered us masks during the pandemic. He made a slight typo resulting in items being shipped to the wrong address. After figuring that out we contacted a4c and they corrected the mistake and reshipped the item at no additional cost and with no hassle. Seriously one of the best customer experiences I have ever had. Thank you a4c!'

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Spilsbury Reviews

Because of this, they send me a coupon in the mail for $5 my next order. Last night I placed an order for $39 & tried to use my coupon code to get the $5 off. My receipt did not reflect the discount so I sent them an email asking for them to apply the $5 to my order. They sent me back a response that said my $5 off isn't valid unless I spend $50.

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HisRoom Reviews

5,402 reviews for HisRoom, 4.7 stars: 'I was not finding success in purchasing comfortable recommemded shorts via Amazon. I was about to give up when i took a closer look at the comfortable no sleeve shirts that have held up as pajama tops for many hears years. I saw the name was Russel and went on line to see if they were still made. I ordered a sampling of sleeveless tops and pocketed …

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Maxferris Technology Reviews

Maxferris Technology has a consumer rating of 3.2 stars from 5 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Maxferris Technology ranks 50th among Gaming PC sites. Service 4. Value 4. Shipping 4. Returns 4. Quality 4. Positive reviews (last 12 months): 40%. Positive.

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1,392 reviews for, 4.7 stars: 'I was very pleased with this company. They quoted a price on a book, paid for the shipping, and sent me the money by paypal. No misrepresentations, no drama. I recently sold books to booksrun, who quoted a price and then cut it by 75%, and if you want out of the deal, they want 8 or 9 bucks to ship each book back to you. Instead of taking the higher

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