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Weekend PC Download Deals for Sept. 30: Monster …

Diablo 2 Resurrected - $19.99 (50% off) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - $19.79 Use the coupon code FRESH to either get 10% off one title or save 20% off two or more titles.

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Weekend Console Download Deals for Sept. 30: First …

Outriders Worldslayer [Xbox Series X] - $44.99 (25% off) Diablo Prime Evil Collection [Xbox Series X] - $29.99 (50% off) There are more Xbox games on sale in this …

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GameStop's redesigned PowerUp Rewards program cuts …

GameStop's redesigned PowerUp Rewards program cuts used game discount. Instead of 10 percent off all used games, members will get $5 off any item they want each …

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Doom of Chelchis god roll

Getting a Doom of Chelchis god roll for PVP or PVE in Destiny 2 is made easy thanks to crafting. You'll just need to unlock the patterns via King's Fall.

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How to get Mementos

The reason you want to level up a Memento is that there are rewards for hitting three distinct levels: Level 1: Kill Tracker. Level 20: Title. Level 30: Shader. Unlocking …

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Monolith Soft made custom flutes to create Xenoblade …

Monolith Soft actually went out of its way to make real custom flutes to capture Noah and Mio's special Off-Seer music. Source: Nintendo. Before [Yasunori Mitsuda] started …

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Master King's Fall changes

Master King’s Fall changes Source: Bungie The Master King’s Fall is the new difficulty level for the iconic raid. As a rule, a Master raid’s recommended Power level is set at …

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How to turn on startup sounds on iPhone 14 Shacknews

Tap the slider to the right (green) to turn the sounds on. With the Power On and Power Off sound option switch on, you will now hear a noise whenever the iPhone is turned …

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How to get Treasure Coordinates

Destiny 2 kicked off the Season of Plunder today, and with that came a batch of new in-game currencies and resources that players must chase. One such resource is called …

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Was there a Goat Simulator 2

With the game already parodying Dead Island 2 in its announcement, maybe the leap to the 3 subtitle is playing off the sequel craze in gaming and entertainment. It’s likely …

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Hands Off King's Fall raid challenge

1. The Hands Off challenge is the last one in the King’s Fall raid. This challenge tasks players with being deliberate about which Ogre and Knight they kill. If you can handle …

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How to get Eye of the Storm & Newtonian Acceleration Crew …

Linking your Bungie account via to your Epic Games account bags you two decent looking emblems to show off in-game. To get these Emblems do the following: Go …

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Robinhood (HOOD) to lay off 23% of its staff Shacknews

Reported on by Ashley Capoot of CNBC, the August 2, 2022 press release from Robinhood goes into some detail about how the company arrived at the decision to lay off …

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Pat McAfee's Field Goal Faceoff is FanDuel's latest mobile game

The popular fantasy sports gambling site has launched a new game with the Pat McAfee Show called Field Goal Faceoff, and it’s available now on mobile devices. The Pat …

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Musk claims Optimus robot will be priced around $20,000 at Tesla …

September 30, 2022 6:40 PM. 10. Elon Musk just showed off the latest Optimus robot iteration at Tesla's AI Day 2022, and the brash CEO made the bold claim that the …

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How to complete The Final Trial

Craft five Purified Night Shards. Give the Purified Night Shards to WALL-E. Give the resulting concoction to Merlin. Collect 25 Mushrooms, a Falling Water, and an Ice Heart …

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How to turn off keyboard haptics in iOS 16 Shacknews

Here are the steps you can take to disable haptics: Open up the Settings. Select Sounds & Haptics. Tap Keyboard Feedback. Turn Haptic off or on. Either use the iPhone …

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King's Fall Oryx extra chest symbol locations

Bungie. 1. The King’s Fall raid has several hidden symbols that can spawn an extra chest. By finding the three correct symbols and shooting them, players can spawn an …

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Shack Chat: What's your first task in your favorite survival sandbox

September 30, 2022 11:30 AM. Shacknews. 2. With this week's full release of Obsidian Entertainment's multiplayer survival game Grounded comes discussion over the …

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