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Cost of Attendance

Total. $25,882. $20,336. *Off-Campus: you intend to live off campus, but not with your parent (s). **Off-Campus w/ Parent: you intend to live with your parent (s). Note: All costs and rates are …

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Current F-1 Students

To maintain a valid passport. F1 Visa Students must maintain a valid, unexpired passport issued by the government of the student’s home country. If you renew or update your passport, you …

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Time and Attendance Policy

Time must be entered daily to ensure accurate recording of time. Time must be recorded as actual time (i.e., hours and minutes), including arrival, departure and the beginning and ending …

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Calendar and Critical Dates

FALL. FALL A. FALL B. FALL G. Fees Due. August 8, 2022. August 8, 2022. October 10, 2022. September 6, 2022. Classes Begin. August 22, 2022. August 22, 2022. …

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Math Department Student Resources

This is specific to 1033, but good ideas for all classes. There is a lot going on in this course, so set a plan for success from day one! One key item is that you must spend at least 5 to 10 hours a …

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Scope of Practice

The role of the Santa Fe College Counseling Center is to provide brief mental health counseling and related services to help students identify barriers, improve coping, and achieve personal …

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Emergency Aid / Resources

R-211. 352-395-5513. The Santa Fe College Life Happens Emergency Aid Grant is available to assist currently enrolled students who have a sudden, unforeseen financial emergency. The …

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SF Launches $12M tranSForm Campaign at President’s Gala

June 13, 2022 – During last week’s President’s Gala, Santa Fe College kicked off a new fundraising campaign aimed at increasing scholarships, providing new academic …

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