How to Save Money During Your Next PCS Move

Different states have different tax laws but you may be able to write the donation off. Coupons If you find yourself nearing the end of your toiletries but still nowhere near your moving day, head to the Commissary and get yourself some coupons. Brands like Unilever usually have coupons on the aisle for their products. Also, email coupon

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10 Airlines that Offer Military Discounts

Military families can accumulate a lot of miles traveled during military life. Where it be for PCS moves, visiting home for the holidays, or just vacations, flying is …

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10 Best Apps for Military Spouses

Get 25% off 3 months of service by entering the promo code SIM25 at checkout after you purchase a SIM card or new device and plan. Get a Free Moto G (1st Gen) when you purchase a data plan of at least 3 GB (Delta Plan or higher) and use the promo code MOTOG at checkout.

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How to Handle Black Friday, Military-Style

Review circulars: identify only the sales/coupons/early bird deals that pertain to you and your family. (the 70% off lawnmower does not benefit the apartment dweller) Create a List: The must haves (priority), the nice-to-haves (if the opportunity arises)

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Believe in Heroes: Shop, Save, & Support the Wounded

All you have to is download coupons from participating retailers and products from the Believe in Heroes® organization, go grocery shopping, and support our veterans in the process. Save money AND Support our vets . it’s a win-win.

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Military Life from a Military Spouse

Review circulars: identify only the sales/coupons/early bird deals that pertain to you and your family. (the 70% off lawnmower does not benefit the apartment dweller) […] Read more… 7 Helpful Resume Tips for Military Spouses / Comments Off on 7 Helpful Resume Tips for Military Spouses

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Not Cool, Bro. 20 Annoying Things At the Commissary

Dropping off someone at the front but staying there 5 minutes; Flat Tire. Getting the cart with the bum wheel… so annoying! Understaffed. There are 15 lanes and only 2 open. On a weekend. Really? Deli Delay. Someone’s ordering sandwiches for a group from the deli, then in the middle they make a phone call to ask what someone wants. So not cool.

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The Unexpected (and Still Awesome) Perks of Military Life

The Time Off I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wait, what?… what time off? They work all of the time.” It may seem that service members get very little time off. Perhaps they do, but they also accrue a lot of leave time. When compared to the civilian sector, the military wins in terms of total time off.

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11 Things You Might Not Know About the Commissary

Defense Commissary Agency or DeCA is a billion dollar business. But by law, they cannot build any profit into their sale prices. Because of the stringent controls on their budget, this is why they can’t do civilian grocery store practices like doubling coupons, offering rebates, or donating to certain causes. It’s ok to Scan your ID. Your

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10 Instagram Accounts Military Spouses Should Follow

Color Me Inspired (my coloring page eBook for those of you new to my feed) is 20% off in my @etsy shop through Sunday with coupon code MOMSROCK to celebrate Mother’s Day! Happy coloring! #linkinprofile #colormeinspired #adultcoloring #dawnnicoledesigns A photo posted by Dawn Nicole (@bydawnnicole) on May 7, 2015 at 3:21pm PDT

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Hardest Working Collection Giveaway with Old Spice

I wrote about the Hardest Working Collection from Old Spice a few weeks ago. Now it’s your turn to win one of these awesome toolboxes! I’m sure you know a hardworking man in …

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