Last Minute BFCM Checklist for Amazon Sellers

9. Give Coupons. In a previous post titled 10 Prep Tips for BFCM 2019 on Amazon, we talked about the importance of coupons (or vouchers on Amazon UK). Money off and BOGOF offers are always welcome, and it’s never too late to set up a promotion on Amazon. Most buyers on Amazon don’t check the Coupons page because they don’t know about it

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Amazon Prime Day 2020

Prime Targeted Coupons (a.k.a. Vouchers) will only be available to subscribers on Amazon Prime Day 2020. They’ll be featured on the Coupons page too.. But buyers won’t be able to see the offers unless sellers select Prime members as the target customer for the campaign Sellers and vendors have a variety of ad… More.

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Cyber Monday last-minute checklist

Use opt-in forms for freebies like e-courses, workshops, ebooks, coupons etc., to increase your subscriber list. Approach an influencer to help raise awareness for your brand just before the sale. Increase the frequency of your posts slightly, but also trim them down.

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Prime Day Prep with Sellery on Independence Day

Set a reminder for your coupons, since they become active at least 2 days after you create them. Prime Rewards Visa cards come with $80 credit on approval. If you’re selling an add-on item, make sure your product’s price doesn’t take buyers above that. Look for Prime Day deals that qualify for tax-deductible expenses.

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New & improved Profit Bandit help guides

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to make Profit Bandit easier to use. We’ve added new videos, new step-by-step help guides and more to our SellerEngine & Profit Bandit Help Center.. Keep reading to find out more about what we’re doing to help you!

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2020 Q4 Prep

Amazon can’t process 2020 Q4 shipments in 2 days, like in the good old days. So, what’s the cut-off? This year’s holiday guide says shipments should be sent 7-9 weeks before you want them live. So, BFCM shipments should be out the door this week and Christmas shipments should follow shortly, ideally by Oct. 31.

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Getting ready for black friday on Amazon. part 3

Brand owners have a host of advertising options on Amazon. Black Friday promotions, coupons, campaigns, and Lightning Deals (for eligible products) are the norm. They can also give out free gifts in the Early Reviewer Program A program whereby sellers can pay… More or pitch their products with enhanced ads.

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21 e-Commerce Trends in 2021

Sharing Prime Perks. Statista’s latest forecast estimates that, in 2020, US Prime membership grew by 15% to about 142.5 million.So, the global figure of 150 million from 2020 Q3 results could very well be edging towards 200 million by now.. When it comes to US households, Statista expects the growth to be halved. But wait, Amazon Household is only just taking off abroad!

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How to Make Sense of Amazon’s A-to-Z Policy

If the order was for a digital item or a service, it’s out of Amazon’s hands. Also, if the order was paid for by stored value instruments (e.g. Amazon gift cards, vouchers, coupons, etc.), or a chargeback has already been made, the buyer is not entitled to A …

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Getting started: choosing your seller name

First off great information I was thinking of AwesomeBlossomDeals ? Can you give me your thoughts ? Thank you, Tara. Reply. Kate Neal says: November 10, 2017 at 6:16 pm. Hey Tara, Glad to hear you liked the blog! I am a big fan of rhyming so I love the name you’ve chosen. I also like that it has a positive vibe to it with ‘awesome’ and

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Amazon Sellers Conference : May 6-8 in Philadelphia

For us at SellerEngine, it’s a great opportunity to show off our software and a great chance to connect with hundreds of Amazon sellers. For Amazon sellers, it’s a chance to compare different services, find out what’s new in services they’re interested in, and think about the tools that can help them run their businesses.

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10 Holiday Season Tips for Amazon Sellers

But before you start making it easy for buyers to clip coupons, take another look at this coupon setup tutorial from Internet Marketing Specialist. Make sure you only let buyers redeem a single code, or your competitors can wipe out your whole stock in minutes. 4. Be Prudent

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Amazon Account Holder Digest VII 2019

It’s getting easier for UK customers to return products to Amazon. Some drop-off locations offer label-free QR code returns, just like in the USA. Doddle stores (in Morrisons supermarkets) are an example. But that’s not all. Despite the Post Office not being mentioned on help pages or return summaries, it also accepts QR code returns now.

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How to Sell on Amazon in 2020: Budgeting & Choosing

So, you’re better off with a makeshift office for now. Add a few hundred dollars per month to the tally for pick-and-pack and overheads on a handful of sales per day. Photography. Virtually anyone can put together a makeshift photo studio (or buy one for $200) and snap 9 …

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