Real Supermarket Magic a Scam or Legitimate

Real Supermarket Magic is a network marketing mail-in ordering system that supposedly teaches you how to make money from home. For $295 you are supposed to get $1,000 worth of coupons. You could go online and easily get $1,000s worth of coupons for free. Why do you need to …

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Savings Highway a Scam or Legitimate

I usually try to steer our members away from MLM risks that pass themselves off as opportunities. Most of them have a very unacceptable 90% to 99% failure rate. Although Savings Highway has a good amount of savings in the vouchers and coupons they offer, their commission structure works on 15 levels.

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Panda Research a Scam or Legitimate

Panda Research states that you might make three cents to a quarter for reading emails and about $3 to $75 on surveys. They say you can also get coupons and giveaways for some completed surveys. And keep product samples they offer for you to review. Panda Research pays on a cash basis when you reach $100 by check on surveys that do payout.

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Wake Up Now a Scam

The FTC deems structures like ‘Wake Up Now’ a pyramid scheme, when compensation for recruiting others is worth more than for selling the actual company product. Most MLMs have a 97%+ failure rate. This company proudly exceeds that to 99%. Wake Up Now is ripe with more red flags than the average MLM business. One more annoying aspect of Wake

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Zen Arbitrage Amazon Book Arbitrage Review

Zen Arbitrage claims its as easy as following 3 simple steps: 1.) Find cheap books on Amazon – The Zen Arbitrage tool finds cheap books with low (or no) FBA competition. 2.) Resell via FBA – Relist books at your higher “Fulfillment By Amazon” price. 3.) Profit the difference (40% to 150%+ ROI) – Simple as that.

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