Review: MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4/7/8 by MoFi Networks (Mobile

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URL: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/gear/mofi4500-4gxelte-sim4-v2/

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4GCommunity Ending Non-Profit Sprint Based Unlimited

Bookmark. Update (10/23/17): Unlimitedville is offering a one time coupon code available to affected members of 4GCommunity plans to cover the Unlimitedville's $99 membership fee. You will need documentation of membership in order to partake in this offer. Contact Unlimitedville for more info. Update (10/26/17): Non-profit Sprint reseller, Calyx Institute's Executive Director Nicholas Merrill

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OTR Mobile Announces New BLAST Plan

Bookmark. Yesterday popular AT&T unlimited data reseller OTR Mobile announced new gear and plan options that they have teased for the past couple of weeks.. Text of e-mail sent by OTR Mobile to customers (click to expand) The announcement includes a major shift away from an AT&T-based plan to a T-Mobile unlimited plan that promises 5G access later this year.

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