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List of expired promotional codes Roblox Wiki Fandom

Awarded to users who went to the in real life Sax Awards 2015 event and shortly after a promotional code was revealed to the public for this item as a freebie to users. 75K Super …

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Promotional code Roblox Wiki Fandom

On Roblox, a promotional code or simply promo code is a piece of text that can be redeemed for a special item. They are only given out by official Roblox Staff members. Sometimes, coupons …

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Star Code/List of star codes Roblox Wiki Fandom

3SB Games (Cakemiix, shadodoo & Jackyeam): 3SB Alex (CraftedRL): Crafted Aline Games (AliineGamesYT): AlineGames AlvinBlox (Alvin_Blox): AlvinBlox Amberry …

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Pinewood Computer Core Roblox Wiki Fandom

The code door to Sector F used to have a texture with "Off-Limits" signs before being replaced by a "Sector F & G (Emergency Coolant)". It currently has a revamped texture with "off-limits" …

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Sale Roblox Wiki Fandom

The avatar shop during the Black Friday 2016 sale.. A sale is an event on Roblox that occurs during national holidays such as Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Sales are …

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Category:Items with special effects Roblox Wiki Fandom

This is a category to display all known accessories in the avatar shop which emit special effects. This includes Sparkles, Fire, Smoke, unique visual effects and sound effects.

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I Don't Feel So Oof Roblox Wiki Fandom

I Don't Feel So Oof is a comedy simulator game created by OofGamesLord based on the I Don't Feel So Good meme in which players disintegrate themselves to earn ashes, which can be …

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Oof! Roblox Wiki Fandom

Not to be confused with the Roblox Death Sound. Oof! is a comedy game created by Direct Studios based on the Roblox Death Sound. Falling off the map Mr. Krabs Gear Hitting the …

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DOORS Roblox Wiki Fandom

DOORS 👁️ is a first person horror experience created by Lightning_Splash, and published under the group LSPLASH. In DOORS, team of 4 players total (12 in private servers) explore the …

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All of Us Are Dead Roblox Wiki Fandom

All of Us Are Dead is a survival experience developed by the group Ranimated. It is based off the South Korean zombie apocalypse series of the same name. The objective is to survive each …

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Roblox Death Sound Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Roblox Death Sound is the sound that plays when a character resets or breaks in-game. It also plays as a sound test when the player changes the volume bar in the settings tab. From …

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UNOfficial (Uno) Roblox Wiki Fandom

UNOfficial is a card game developed by the group Rawblocky. It is mainly based off the video game versions of Uno. Players will take turns playing cards that match the current color or …

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I need to get some things off my chest Fandom

BeanBugs · 8/28/2022 in General. I need to get some things off my chest. So i've found this wiki because i was looking through old tix items and i said to myself, in total there …

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Rainbow Friends Roblox Wiki Fandom

Rainbow Friends is a horror experience created by Fragment Games. The Rainbow Friends gameplay is composed of multiple chapters. As of August 13th, there has only been one …

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Star Code Roblox Wiki Fandom

The Star Code (also referred to as a Video Code, Star Creator Code, Creator Code, and Video Star Creator Code) is a feature that was implemented on April 29, 2019. Its main purpose is to …

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Ban/1-day ban Roblox Wiki Fandom

Ban/1-day ban. A 1 day ban. The player's account is banned from using Roblox for one day (24 hours). They will not be able to access their account for a day. This is reserved for moderate …

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Off the Chain Style Roblox Wiki Fandom

Off the Chain Style is a limited unique hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on May 17, 2013. It could have been purchased for 1,000 Robux with 450 copies in …

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Golden Football Helmet of Participation Roblox Wiki Fandom

This formerly (team) item was awarded during a 2018 event. Golden Football Helmet of Participation is a series of hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on …

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