Private wealth management Rise Wealth

WebWith Rise Wealth, portfolio owners are charged 0.75% on Assets Under Management (AUM) as a discretionary management fee that includes all custody and trade execution …

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URL: risepeople.com

Different types of paid time off

WebFlexible scheduling. Offering employees the option to create their own schedules around their other obligations is on many employees’ must-haves list. Unlimited paid time off. …

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Employee sick time policy recommendations for HR leaders

WebHere are 3 must-dos for your employees when calling in sick: 1. Communicate as directed. Far too often, I’ll get an employee text or email to call in sick when the policy explicitly …

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The many benefits of regular performance reviews

WebRegular performance reviews benefit employees in numerous ways. Here are some: Providing your employees with regular recognition and rewards can improve overall …

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Why employee offer letters are an important part of company …

WebOffer letters are typically sent before other pre-hiring requirements, such as background or reference checks. Employee offer letters are not an official employment contract, but …

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The disadvantages of a formal dress code policy in the …

WebThe disadvantages of a formal dress code policy in the workplace. Increasingly flexible workplaces means an increasingly flexible dress code policy (or getting rid of it entirely). …

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The Smart Guide to Managing Employee Paid Time Off in Canada

WebDownload this ebook for tips and guidelines on how to manage paid time off and create the right policies for your organization: Discover what you need to know about paid time off …

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How blame culture at work is failing your employees

WebHR Zone uses the example of a goalie failing to save the final goal of a soccer game—leading to the other team’s victory—to describe blame culture at work. In a no …

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Are you checking in with your employees enough

WebA recent survey found that 84% of employees are experiencing burnout, with 34% reporting “very serious or extreme burnout symptoms”. If you’re not checking in with your …

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Benefits Pricing

WebWe created our Rise Health group benefits packages to support your employees—body, mind, and soul. Giving you the most comprehensive benefits along with a fully digital …

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Supporting aging employees in the workplace

WebTry not to get stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach to managing. Research shows that employers that have a diverse age group and work to support their aging employees in …

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How to focus on building community in the workplace

WebThis will help to create a more supportive work environment. Ask for input. When making decisions, big or small, ask for input from a wide range of people across your …

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HR table stakes for a positive employee experience

WebHR table stakes for a positive employee experience. Table stakes is a term often used to describe the bare minimum expectations that a customer has about a product or service. …

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A comprehensive list of common (and petty) workplace pet peeves

WebThe reason this workplace pet peeve makes sense: This practice can put an implicit pressure on everyone who’s leaving to come up with some sort of …

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How supporting hourly workers pays off for businesses

WebHourly employees in food-service and hospitality are generally acknowledged to be underpaid and overworked—and companies have been finding it more and more difficult …

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How to report misconduct in the workplace

WebThe first step in ensuring employees know how to report misconduct in the workplace is making it clear that you want them to report any wrongdoing. A survey shows that only …

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Why it pays to show appreciation to your job candidates

WebIn a recent article for Business Insider, Jessica Liebman, the publication’s executive managing editor, shared that she doesn’t hire candidates unless they send a thank you …

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