Consideration Payable to a Customer RevenueHub

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Stand-Ready Obligations RevenueHub

In this case, the promised service is likely a stand-ready obligation to answer service calls. In contrast, if a customer buys ten coupons that each allow a single visit to the health club, then the promise is more likely to be the underlying good or service rather than the act of standing ready because the customer could easily reach the limit.

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Common ASC 606 Issues: Gaming Entities RevenueHub

Classification by an Off-track Entity of Revenue Splits that are Paid/Received Related to the Commission Earned on Wagers in the Pool Made at the Off-track Entity. Because a revenue split is paid to the host entity for the same services that generate track fees, FinREC believes that both revenue splits and track fees represent commissions, and

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OEMs, Incentives, and Variable Consideration: Case Study

A laptop computer manufacturer sells a computer (good) to a tech retailer with a free 1-year telephone support package (service) for the final consumer. The retailer is reimbursed by the manufacturer when end users apply manufacturer coupons to their purchase.

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