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Actived: Saturday Feb 20, 2021


(PDF) Online vs. Offline Coupon Redemption Behaviors

(65.5 %) off er perce nt-off and 566 (1 1.8 %) offer dollar-off coupons. T he percent-off coupons range fro m 5% to more than 5 0% an d t he d ollar- of f coupo ns ran ge fro m KR W 1, 000 to more

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Coupon Value: A Signal for Price?

shown for coupons that use percentage discounts and leads to the question of whether the phenomena is restricted to promotions that are communicated in percentage-off terms

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(PDF) A Price Discrimination Theory of Coupons

coupons is made by trading off the savings obtained against the cost of using coupons. There are many costs that can be identified. These are the cost of organization (cost of

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A Price Discrimination Theory of Coupons

cents-off coupons for inducing trial. Further and most importantly, the hypothesis has no prediction on the intensity of coupon usage across consumers. Note that the crucial

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Money-off Coupons and the Consumer: Are They Worth the

Is the use of coupons a worthwhile practice for consumers? What defines a cost-effective money-off coupon user? In this study, the time cost of clipping and organizing grocery coupons is compared

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Cents‐Off Coupons: Boon or Boondoggel for Consumers?

Cents-off coupons have become a popular sales promotion tool in recent years. However, the effects of coupons, and other such deals, on consumers' cognitive structures and choice decisions are not

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(PDF) The Coupon-Prone Consumer: Some Findings Based on

In related work, Bawa and Shoemaker (1987,1989) found that propensity to use an off-price coupon increased with education, income (weakly), and household size. Determinants of Store-Level

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(PDF) Effects of Coupons on Consumer Purchase Behavior: A

77% of the United States population uses coupons and shoppers saved more than $3 billion last year by doing so. Coupon users report an average of 11.5% savings on their grocery bill with coupons

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(PDF) Pleasant Surprises: Consumer Response to Unexpected

The effects of dollar-off vs. percentage-off coupons are examined for 3,827 customers who had redeemed both types of coupon framings in an Australian online fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG

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Requirements of coupon AC current density affecting AC

The four parameters, that is, coupon on-potential, coupon instant-off potential, coupon DC current density, and coupon AC current density were acquired by using the new coupon technology with high

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(PDF) An Anchoring and Adjustment Model of Purchase

The authors compare the effectiveness of in-store coupons and straight off-the-shelf price discounts (bonus buys), in generating incremental sales and profits for the retailer. In five field tests

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(PDF) Sales Promotions

coupons in the US avera ge about 1.5 to 2.5% redemption rates) and the co st of distributing the . offer. Internet Promo tions . the manufacturer is better off,

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Coupon Impacts on Orange Juice Demand Based on Time-Series

Assuming a coupon usage rate of 10 to 50 percent, lowering prices through a "10 percent off" coupon would increase average weekly fruit and vegetable quantities purchased by 2 to 11 percent, as

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The promotion mix is a term used to describe the set of tools that a business can use to communicate effectively the benefits of its products or services to its customers.

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(PDF) Promotion Has a Negative Effect on Brand Evaluations

Packaged goods manufacturers distribute cents-off coupons in freestanding inserts (FSIs) in newspapers. Free-standing insert coupons are typically composed of two parts: the coupon per se and a

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Competitive Promotional Strategies

deals, cents-off labels, coupons (in newspapers, magazines, mail, in/on pack), and a variety of rebates. Attempts have been made in the market- ing and economics literature to explain the exis-

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Analysing The Impact Of Price Promotions Versus No-Price

Sales promotion for consumer including samples, redeemable coupons, cash-back offer, money-off deals or price packs, premium offers, contests of chance etc. (Kotler et al., 2010).

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Cigarette couponing goes mobile | Request PDF

Smokers who received coupons via mail only or via both channels, had three times (OR = 2.97, 95% CI 2.31-3.83) and five times (OR = 4.56, 95% CI 3.61-5.76) higher odds to redeem cigarette coupons

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Potential Profitability and Decreased Consumer Welfare

The objective of this paper is to analyze the consumer's decision in electing to use cents-off coupons distributed by manufacturers of consumer products. Arguing that the decision to use coupons

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