Accounting and assurance

consideration (e.g. discount coupons in newspaper) No liability is recognised unless the product is then sold at a loss (which creates an onerous contract). When redeemed, revenue reflects the discounted value. Free products – ‘buy one get one free’ Revenue reflects the sales proceeds. The additional cost of offering the second product at

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Expanding iBeacon: Beyond retail and the future of computing

Clearly the infrastructure is taking off, and with good reason – allowing this type of tech inside a retail environment provides great opportunity for not only displaying coupons and offers to users ,but also tot track their movements in a store – something traditional GPS fails at consistently.

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The internet of things will change more than you think

The internet of things was a key trend at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. Devices from slow cookers to normal household objects featured internet connectivity, all with the desire to have smart objects collect analytics about household usage, and them optimise their use.

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Raise capital, not red flags

coupons or principal back in the initial phase, and traditional bank financing isn't viable takes, though, investors will have an exit strategy to maximise returns where businesses take off, or limit exposure to losses where the start-up fails to become profitable.

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Opportunity of the decade: Growing revenue through the

Smartphones have shaken off their novelty status to radically rewrite the way consumers communicate, absorb information and pay for goods and services. Embracing a multi-channel strategy is no longer about gaining the competitive edge – the ability to connect with customers across multiple touch points has become a matter of survival.

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The rise and rise of e-commerce: 2013 online retail trends

The possibilities for retailers are endless and range from coupons for a soft drink at a nearby food retailer, to building supplies at a hardware store, to a clothing flash sale alert at a shop around the corner. By harnessing the power of SoLoMo, retailers will inevitably find new ways to bridge the gap between off and online retail experiences.

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