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For more than 50 years, Pryor has helped 13+ million learners and 3+ million businesses achieve meaningful and lasting success: 20+ business training categories ranging from Computer Skills & Software, Human Resources, Management, OSHA & Workplace Safety and more. Professional credit and certification as per course description.

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Learn More about Pryor+ Pryor Learning Solutions

Unlimited training for one person. What you receive: Free attendance to 12,000+ live seminars—in-person or online—regularly priced up to $499. Access to 5,000+ online courses covering 15+ learning categories. Multiple learning formats, including: microlearning, quizzes, videos, …

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Management, Leadership & Supervisor Training Pryor

Check out our management training courses today to hone your leadership and supervisor skills and advance your career.

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How to Find & Eliminate (or Use!) Duplicates in Excel Data

Click on any cell with data in your worksheet. On the Data tab, click Remove Duplicates to open the Remove Duplicates dialog box. Put a checkbox by each column that has duplicate information in it. In our example, we want to find identical addresses. (Note: Hit Select All to only remove records that are exactly alike.)

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