Golf Clash cheats, tips, and tricks – handy advice for

Here’s the best way to use a Golf Clash Wind Chart: Known as the ‘ring method’ this involves using the rings on your target to adjust shots for wind. Firstly, remember that in terms of ring colours, yellow = 1, orange = 2, blue = 3, black/grey = 4, white = 5. It’s going to be useful in a little bit.

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Date a Live: Spirit Pledge codes – free in-game goodies

Here’s how to redeem a Date a Live: Spirit Pledge code in steps: Tap on your avatar at the top left of the main menu screen. Tap on ‘Exchange Gifts’ at the bottom right of the ‘Player – Info’ screen. Input your code and hit confirm.

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Get your free Brave Nine in-game rewards right here

Fill in the form and you’ll receive a code. You can redeem the code right here. You need to have a character on the American server to redeem the code (you can play on these server no matter your region) PT - Brave Nine giveaway. Log in to your existing account. has already been used to …

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Kingdom of Heroes tier list – Muse Pocket Tactics

September 17, 2020: Muse is now available, so we’ve added her to our Kingdom of Heroes tier list! Our Kingdom of Heroes tier list will take the guesswork out of your time spent with the new gacha RPG. We’re going to round up all of the five star heroes and rank them in order of best to worst, so you can spend more time playing and less time worrying.

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