Star Trek Online Shares Details of 2021 Event Campaign

Two 100% off Coupons for Tier 6 Ships in the Zen Store. Once per account. Star Trek Online also reminded players that the core gameplay of the events remains pretty much the same. That is, players who take part in multiple events scheduled for the next several months will earn progress. These features also remain unchanged:

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Epic Games Offering NBA 2K21 Free for Limited Period

Red Dead Redemption 2 (33% off) Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (33% off) Detroit: Become Human (30% off) Star Wars Squadrons (30% off) Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (25% off) Outriders (25% off) Oddworld Soulstorm (20% off) Cyberpunk 2077 (20% off) As part of the celebration, there’s going to be a free pack for Fortnite .

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iPad Pro Best Buy Sale: $150 Discount Deals For Apple

There is also a secondary coupon code on a successful purchase you can use to save $50 off a 2-year AppleCare insurance policy. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro typically retails for $599 for the 32GB version, $749 for the 64GB version and $899 for the 256GB version, plus …

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What Is The Epic Games Store Offering In Its Holiday Sale

The Epic Game Store's 2019 Holiday Sale has kicked off with amazing discounts on popular games. Deals include up to 75% off select titles and special $10 coupons that can be rolled into more coupons on eligible games. Moreover, as announced last week by Epic Games Store, the mystery game giveaway is also currently live.

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Celebrate The Year Of The Rat With The Steam Lunar New

Each $1 will get you 100 tokens, if you can collect up to 5000 of these tokens, you can buy a $5 off coupon. These coupons can only be bought twice and will vanish after the sale ends so don’t hoard them for future deals. Tokens can also be used to buy special animated Steam profile designs that will be accessible until March 27, or chat

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Star Trek Online Releasing New 2021 Anniversary Legendary

It features the Legendary Ships from both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. There’s also a lot of goodies that come with it. The bundle is priced at 25,000 Zen. However, from February 18 and all the way to March 4, it’s going to be offered at 25% off. We’re going to take a closer look at some of these ships today.

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Pixel Piracy Review: Low-Res Adventure On The High Seas Is

I'm not a big believer in coupons, generally, but the mysterious appearance of a 25% off for Pixel Piracy piqued my interest. This was Steam, after all, where buying a game full price is for suckers. This was Steam, after all, where buying a game full price is for suckers.

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Red Dead Online: Celebrate The Holidays With Festive

Holiday Gift Chest. From December 23 though December 25, Red Dead Online players receive a special season Gift Chest. Provisions and goodies include: Get goodies from the holiday chest. Photo: Rockstar Games. Players can also go to the Benefits section to get 50% off

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Is Romwe Legit

Romwe is an international women’s clothing site out of China that sells cute clothes for dirt cheap. If you’re anything like me, before ordering online -- especially from an international site like Romwe, especially when the deals on these clothes seem too good to be true -- you want to be certain that this is a legit, safe, and reliable site.

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30 AWESOME Interactive Websites for Elementary to Middle

Whether you're a computer savvy, technology-yielding super-teacher or one who is just dipping their toe into the sea of educational technology, here are 30 awesome interactive websites every elementary teacher should have bookmarked. These sites can be used in class or the computer lab, both individually or as a whole group, and aid in both instruction and reinforcement of various topics

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PUBG Update 4.3 Patch Notes: Cross Platform Play Now

PUBG’s fourth season continues to heat up with its latest update, and this is one of the biggest yet for all players on consoles.With Update 4.3, cross platform play is now available for PUBG on consoles, allowing players from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to be matched in one matchmaking pool. Check out the official trailer for cross platform play for consoles for PUBG below.

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PSN Black Friday 2016 Deals Posted: Mega-Sale On

PlayStation Network is finally getting into the Black Friday spirit with 2016’s TGI Black Friday promotion. The page just went live on the PlayStation Store so things are a little messy, but here’s what we know so far. About 100 individual discounts are available between PS4, PS3 and Vita, and featured titles include Overwatch , The Witcher 3 , Grand Theft Auto titles and a whole lot more.

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Love Nikki Ghost Gathering Guide: Imp Pendant, Fantasy

The event kicked off January 31 and will continue through February 6. Which suits are featured in the latest Hell Event? The latest Love Nikki Dress Up Queen hell event features five different suits: Miss Bone, Underworld Lord, Yama Judge, Soul Guide, and Flower Mirror. Select coupons to use your Pavilion of Fantasy Coupon.

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Six Vehicles Up For Grabs In War Thunder Operation F.R.O.S

If you're looking to augment your forces in War Thunder, then Operation F.R.O.S.T. should be the event for you. With this event players get the chance to own six new vehicles. While the event started back on December 20, it's set to end on January 13. This means there's more than enough time to get all the different exclusive vehicles.

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Star Trek Online Offering New Choice Pack Starting June 10

2 pack T6 Ship Coupons; 9 pack T6x Tokens; 1 Elite Phoenix Token; 50 Key Pack; There’s also a limited offer from Mudd, which is a 50% discount on the Choice Packs. This promotion starts June 10 until June 24.

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