How To Save Money Every Month Saving Money

Try to reduce the number of times you eat outside, and make use of the restaurant coupons you get with your newspaper or circulars. Bring your own lunch and snacks to office instead of buying a meal. Make a list of your monthly requirement of groceries and stick to it. Take advantage of the shop sales and discount offers to save money. Save On

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Speculator Definition

The definition of the financial term speculator. Find more finance definitions inside the PFhub glossary your Personal Finance Hub.

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New York Building Inspectors Turn a Blind Eye to Safety

New York City is suffering once again from a serious case of corruption among its public departments and officials. It was reported by the New York Post that the city has launched one of the biggest corruption crackdown cases in years after it was discovered that a dozen or so building inspectors and contractors were involved with briberies in exchange for overlooking safety violations, such

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Short Selling Stocks Hedging Speculating Margin

Short selling can also be carried out with shares borrowed from a source other than your broker. Almost the same rules apply and the shares have to be repaid to the lender to ‘square off’ the transaction. Sometimes, short selling may be done without actually taking possession of the shares. This is called ‘naked short selling’.

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) Officially Dubbed "Cheap" at

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares soared over the $531.21 (2:38pm est) mark today in trading as investors bought them up following the publication a weekend edition Barron’s article calling them “cheap.”On Saturday writer Tiernan Ray cited rising earnings and the momentum pushing them down as ample opportunity to snap up stock while it was “30 percent off of its high,” and also noted

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