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Over 400,000 Lawns Installed Already. 10 Years of Intense Research & Testing. Mow Only Once a Month. Try my Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed. It grows so slowly you'll only have to mow it once a month. Imagine the money and time you'll save! ~ Jackson Madnick, Seed Developer. Seldom or Never Water.

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Pearl's Premium Special Intro Offer for Friends of

$7.50 off a 5 lb. bag Remember to enter the coupon code "groSolar" at checkout. Testimonials "With Pearl’s Premium grass seed, I have the best lawn in town, and it’s all done without any chemicals! I am mowing it once a month – this is the most amazing part – I don’t need to water it!"

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Eco Friendly Lawn-Grass That Saves Money & Time - Pet

Eco Friendly Lawn Tips ~ Once you go Green, you never go back! However if your lawn has been treated with chemicals in the past, achieving a thriving organic lawn and garden that is Ultra Low Maintenance will take a little up front effort! Pearl’s Premium is here to help you get started with some simplified instructions that will get your soil headed in the right direction, and your Pearl

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