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I don't know when it will expire, but I just bought a trailer hitch ($21 shipping) using the BKP50 coupon. BK Honda is in N.E. Illinois. your cart by using coupon code BKP50 at checkout. Have questions or need assistance? Give us a call at 877-674-5525. Ask for Danny and he will help

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HONDA CARE Page 2 Honda Passport Forum

Coupons could probably only get 25 off any of the 169.99 fluids. And might be able to get 50 for oil change and tire rotaion but not always at same dealer. Therefore, at the dealer I go to probably best for oil change and tire rotation would be 90.00. So subtract 80 for all 8 oil changes and tire rotation and 100 for the fluids would leave your

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Costco now has the Passport in its Auto Program Page 2

Krustyburger79, You are correct. Additional Member Benefits Savings Coupon If you purchased a new or select pre-owned vehicle from a participating dealer, click the "yes" button to fill out a member satisfaction survey to receive a 50% off coupon - good toward parts, service and accessories at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.*

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Tires Honda Passport Forum

Smooth quiet ride and it handles great for a car of this size and height. On a side not, I often think 20" tires look odd and too large on some cars, but I don't think that happens on the Passport. Maybe it's the wheel well size and general bulk of the car, but they seem to even look just right. I've changed my mind and think Honda made the

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Auto Idle Stop Override Page 5 Honda Passport Forum

The FRM01 board is a programmable board. When you push the start engine button on the car the board will wait 5 seconds (programmable) giving the engine time to start, then click the relay on the FRM01 board for 1 second which is the same as …

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Loose Change Page 2 Honda Passport Forum

I remember reading this and wondering what you were speaking of. Then while viewing an off-road video of the PP they too mentioned it. Still perplexed this afternoon I reached way in back and there mine was, tucked all the way rearward where it wasn't visible. Good Luck Charms to you for alerting those of us that were unaware of this hidden drawer.

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Oil changes

I'd rather sit an hour in my Honda dealers beautiful customer lounge, drink their Starbucks coffee and read the latest edition of Car and Driver. I pay the $39.95 for the oil & filter change, fluid top off, vehicle inspection & hand wash and dry of the vehicle and I drive off a happy camper.

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